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  • woman doing a virtual interview

    Social value in recruitment throughout COVID-19

    05 June 2020 By Jon Milton - Director at Comensura

    The Coronavirus pandemic is creating unprecedented changes in the UK and pandemic management has now become a fundamental part of any organisation’s continuity plans. Places of work, communication tools, job roles and working patterns are all set to change for thousands potentially even millions, of people.

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  • young student learning at home

    Continuing apprenticeships with home learning

    04 June 2020 By Sean Cantrill - Further Competition Coordinator of HR Services at YPO

    We are slowly resuming life before lockdown but the ‘new normal’ is on the horizon and a cloud of uncertainty continues to shadow the apprenticeship market. So, what is being done to ensure the success of apprenticeships going forward?

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  • female social care worker with elderly

    Resourcing key workers

    03 June 2020 By Sarah France-Gorton - Head of The Resourcing Solution (North Yorkshire County Council)

    Alongside the NHS, social care is our frontline defence against the Coronavirus; tasked with looking after our most vulnerable at their greatest hour of need. The sector faced a dramatic surge in demand, increased staff absence and the heavy responsibility for the safety of their staff and service users.

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  • The impact of COVID-19 on the interim market

    02 June 2020 By Ebony Armitage - Further Competition Coordinator of HR Services at YPO

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has had an extensive impact on many aspects of the nation. One of the areas hit is recruitment. We have seen this especially in the interim sector, where the market has changed and evolved throughout the pandemic.

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  • What does the data say?

    02 June 2020 By Thomas Harrison - Marketing Manager at Matrix SCM

    Capturing data is key so we can make data-driven decisions now and be informed of the impact in the future. But what does the data say about the current recruitment market?

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  • woman watching webinar

    Overcoming the recruitment challenges of COVID-19

    01 June 2020 By Chris Grimes - Sales Director at Matrix SCM

    Matrix SCM recently held a panel discussion with the PPMA, Worcestershire County Council and Lancashire Council, which included key insights on how they are overcoming the challenges of Covid-19.

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  • Planning your workforce for the everchanging normal

    Plan your workforce for the everchanging ‘normal’

    14 May 2020 By Matt Lewis – Director at Hays Public Services

    Covid-19 is having such major impacts on our world of work that business leaders, politicians and the media have no choice but to focus on the here and now. For organisations trying to plan their workforce for the future, it may feel impossible to look further ahead than a week at a time as things are changing so rapidly.

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  • Answering consultancy big questions

    Consultancy: Answering the three big questions

    14 May 2020 By James Bridgland - Consulting and Solutions Director at Consultancy+

    As a country, we are entering a period of uncertainty. The question isn’t whether things will change, it’s how much. And it is fundamental that organisations of all types have the ability to be nimble and agile to adjust to these changes. Commonly this is where specialist support and consultancy can help. But in seeking fast and effective answers, there can be a tendency to get lost and end up with false hope placed in false prophets.

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  • We

    Working with your Managed Service Provider

    15 April 2020 By Lizzy Grayson - Category Manager of HR Services at YPO

    During COVID-19 you’re likely to be working closely with your Managed Service Provider (MSP) for temporary recruitment more than ever. They are going to want to understand your organisation as much as possible so they can help you find appropriate candidates to fill your frontline roles.

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  • Recruiting together blog image

    Recruiting Together

    03 April 2020 By Lizzy Grayson - Category Manager of HR Services at YPO

    During the next few months the world of recruitment will be pushed to deploy resources across public sector organisations. We've rounded up some information to provide you with an update on what YPO and the wider recruitment sector are doing to offer support.

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