Top tips for looking at new recruitment solutions
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Top tips for looking at new recruitment solutions

22 March 2021 By Lucy Simpson – Category Manager of HR Services at YPO

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When starting to look at recruitment solutions, timing is the key. It can often take time to make decisions internally and understand the requirements from all internal stakeholders, and more than one solution may be needed depending on how you procure recruitment.

Here are some pointers to consider when starting to look at recruitment solutions in the market;

  • Start the process early – This may sound simple but allowing plenty of time to plan and review the recruitment options is really important. There are so many different options in the market, so it is crucial to understand all of these and determine the right one for your organisation. We often find that customers start looking at recruitment solutions around 12 months before the expiry date, to carry out in depth research into the market and the frameworks available, along with allowing time for engagement with suppliers and internal stakeholders.


  • Look at the current solution you have for recruitment – Does it work? Does it need improving? Is there anything missing? How much do you spend on different types of recruitment (such as temporary, permanent, high level executive roles, consultancy, SOW etc). Considering all of these will really help you to work out what type of solution you need moving forward.


  • Engage with key internal stakeholders – Understand what your requirements are and ensure that everything is considered but be mindful to develop a solution that meets all needs, rather than creating a solution that each individual might want.


  • What recruitment agencies and suppliers are currently used and are they all needed moving forward? Do you need to consider SMEs and a local supply chain? Consider all these factors when reviewing the current solution and also look at what is available in the market.


  • Consider if any TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings) is involved? This protects employees’ rights when they transfer to a new employer. This may depend on the type of solution in place currently, so it is best to understand if this will be an impact.


  • Understand the suppliers in the market – What do they offer and what’s changed since your last procurement? Ensure there is time to do some good engagement and research.


  • Developing your specification - Once you have determined the solution that meets your needs, then it’s time to start developing a specification based on all requirements.


If you would like to understand more about how we can support you through our recruitment frameworks then please get in touch with the team! 

For more tips and information, our previous blog 'Working with your Managed Service Provider’ summarises how to develop and implement that all-important relationship with your Managed Service Provider.


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