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  • Get crafty with nature

    Five easy to make nature crafts

    15 June 2022 By The YPO Team

    Readily available and free of charge, what could be better than to spark the imaginations of your little learners than the humble stick? From paintbrushes to mini dens, we have put together a selection of craft activities that make use of this versatile and natural resource. All you need are a few supplies and a lot of imagination!

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  • child writing

    7 top tips for handwriting

    01 June 2022 By Stabilo

    You can’t forget how to write but whether you’re 7 or 70, you can always improve. The way we are taught to write is the foundation in how we form words and letters throughout our entire lives, and may also affect how we feel about handwriting.

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  • teacher presenting to class

    How to make the most of your whiteboard markers

    30 May 2022 By Wendy Vickery - Marketing Manager at Pentel

    Whiteboard markers play such a large role in both classroom and office settings, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Explore our top tips for stretching the life of your markers.

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  • jubilee celebrations in the classroom

    Creative classroom activities fit for a Queen

    23 May 2022 By Luke Jones - Brand Manager at BIC

    This year, we are really in luck, because Queen Elizabeth II is the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee – that’s 70 years of service to Great Britain! And it has been lighting up imaginations everywhere. So here are our top ideas for creative learning and expressions in the classroom, as we mark this historic moment.

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  • woman writing on paper

    Managing your stationery budget sustainably

    17 May 2022 By Wendy Vickery - Marketing Manager at Pentel

    The need to make sustainable decisions is more prevalent than ever, especially when it comes to stationery. Explore our top tips for making the most of your stationery budget whilst keeping sustainability in mind.

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  • national stationery week celebrations

    Celebrate National Stationery Week with Staedtler

    16 May 2022 By Staedtler

    With National Stationery Week coming up, we’ve put together a list of fun activities to try in the classroom to help celebrate and encourage children to get involved.

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  • boy writing at school

    Top 6 reasons to write by hand

    13 May 2022 By Stabilo

    Handwriting may be something of a lost art but it is still a valuable life skill. With technology taking over, typing has become more favourable than writing by hand, but handwriting is actually more beneficial.

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  • children in classroom

    Make the most of your classroom budget with edding

    04 April 2022 By edding

    To help make the most of your classroom budget, without compromising on quality and longevity, we’ve put together a list of our top tips for maximising your budget and stretching your resources.

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  • girl in classroom drawing

    Top 10 saving tips on classroom stationery

    04 April 2022 By The YPO Team

    Stationery is a staple in the classroom, but with stocks needing topping up frequently, the costs can quickly add up. Explore our top tips to help you save money on your stationery purchases.

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  • children with mother

    Craft activities for Mother's Day

    16 March 2022 By Amelia Clutton, Category Buyer - Arts, Crafts and Creative Textiles

    Getting children to make gifts to coincide with key events is a wonderful way to build relationships with parents. With Mother’s Day coming up soon, we’ve provided a couple of fun craft activities you could do with children for this.

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