Top tips on how to keep children safe online
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Top tips on how to keep children safe online

07 February 2022 By Zoe Morgan-Kriek – ICT Category Buyer at YPO

Child using phone

Staying safe online is a huge task for employers, parents, and teachers. Most children these days have higher skills in general than adults when online. However, it’s the responsibility of all of us to keep children safe, so here are a few tips to mention:

1) Age targeted content

As with films, online games and content are age-targeted for a reason. It’s your decision if you stick with this or not. So, make your decision and apply the necessary filters such as:

- BBC iPlayer kids

- YouTube kids

- Netflix kids

- Age-appropriate games

This will keep you in control of what children are viewing and if they want to view more, they will need to seek an adult’s permission.

2) Mobile/smartphones

Mobile and smartphones are everywhere, and the access to these types of devices and who has them is getting younger. Essentially, they are mini mobile computers and aren’t always within an adult’s sight or reach.

Some tools available on these devices to monitor and manage children’s screen time and safety, include Google Family Link, Life360, Screen Time, and Find My. These are all worth looking into and make the device much more protected, as you know where the child is and can also manage screen time and the use of apps.

3) Social media

Social media platforms continue to grow and change audiences constantly. For example, children and young people don’t really access Facebook anymore, they generally prefer Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. Whereas adults still use Facebook plus other apps.

Adults need to make sure their children know that posts shared on social media are for the world to see. Educate children on the risks of having a public account, before setting their accounts up and make sure their privacy settings are up to date. There are many support sites and safety awareness programmes, training and sites for adults to ensure everyone is kept safe, including SWGfl and Trend Micro.

Safer Internet Day 2022 takes place in February and it's aim is to raise awareness of the importance of staying safe online and ensure children can use technology safely. Find out more about the day, along with a wide range of useful resources for teachers, parents and more here.

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