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  • Teenagers reading in the library

    How reading can boost your mental health

    02 May 2022 By The YPO Team

    Most of us have encountered feelings of stress or anxiety in some stage of our lives. A go-to activity for many is reading. Explore our blog post to learn more about how reading can boost your mental health.

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  • Teenagers in a library

    Top tips to encourage teenagers into libraries

    28 February 2022 By Alexandra Wainwright – Furniture and Design Project Manager

    Schools and libraries are having to compete with this digital world and understand better what motivates teens to read. Reading should be an enjoyable experience that helps with teenage development.

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  • child reading

    Top tips to encourage children to read by choice

    28 April 2021 By Leanne Jephcott – Curriculum Specialist at Peters

    Encouraging children to read can have many benefits, including helping to promote improved concentration, strengthening of vocabulary and language skills, and development of imagination. Explore our top tips for teachers and parents on how to get children to read more, and how to encourage all children to develop a love of reading, including even your most reluctant of readers!

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  • Eden reading corner

    How to create an inclusive reading corner

    27 April 2021 By Emily Mayer - Marketing Communications Executive at Eden Learning Spaces

    Bring out your child’s inner bookworm and create a dedicated reading space where they can lose themselves in their favourite page turner. A space that feels comforting and peaceful. Sounds great, but how do you get started?

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  • Writing

    10 tips for enabling early handwriting

    21 January 2021 By Nicola Parker, Category Buyer - Early Years

    In this article, our early years buyer Nicola provides her top tips for supporting children as they start developing their early handwriting skills.

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  • The 5 do’s and don’ts of handwriting

    The 5 do's and don'ts of handwriting

    23 January 2018 By Heidi Winter, Apprentice

    To celebrate National Handwriting Week, we have put together 5 top tips that will help you stop asking yourself this question and be well on your way of mastering that ‘neat’ style.

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  • Twinkl Kindness Week

    The Great Twinkl Kindness Week

    20 January 2017 By Fiona Wilkins, Corporate Communications Manager

    The Great Twinkl Kindness Week takes place on the 6th - 10th February 2017.

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  • top 10 new nursery and early years products 2017

    Our top 10 nursery and early years products 2017

    18 January 2017 By Richard Tinker, Head of Trading

    Welcome to the first in a series of blogs featuring our top 10 new products across our range of primary and secondary curriculum resources.

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  • Get talking

    Put down your pens and get talking

    07 October 2015 By Natalie Griffin, Campaign and Communications Manager

    Today sees the return of the No Pens Day initiative which encourages schools to put down their pens and pencils for an entire day and focus on other forms of communication in the classroom.

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  • Roald Dahl Character Costumes

    Resources to celebrate the world of Roald Dahl

    21 September 2015 By Ash Cartwright, Buyer - Curriculum

    Back in the summer, two of Roald Dahl’s novels were selected in a list of ten novels that children “must read before leaving primary school”. In today’s blog we celebrate his fantastic reads with some of our favourite Dahl resources.

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