Celebrating Chinese New Year with arts and crafts
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Celebrating Chinese New Year with arts and crafts

15 January 2020 By Melanie Godley - Category Buyer for Arts, Crafts and Creative Textiles at YPO

young girl playing with paint and glitter

Full of bright and lively celebrations, 2020's Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Help your youngsters understand the importance of discovering Chinese culture and mythology as well as bringing good luck into the new year!

The celebration's original purpose was to scare away mythical beasts with loud noises and beaming lights. Nowadays, the festivities include celebrating each year of the Chinese zodiac animal (2020 marks the year of the rat), setting off firecrackers and large lantern festivals.

The Chinese New Year begins on 25th January this year. This date changes every year because the first full moon of the year initiates the beginning of the lunar new year. It lasts for 15 days, which means you've got plenty of time to celebrate with our three simple craft activities. These can be done either at school or at home!

eggbox chinese dragon activity


Create an eggbox Chinese dragon and ignite the imagination of your children. Dragons represent power and strength in Chinese culture, but who will make the strongest dragon? Follow our simple steps below:

What you'll need:


Step 1 - tear or cut out with scissors, 6 of the egg holders

Step 2 - paint each holder with red paint or a colour of your choice and leave to dry overnight

Step 3 - staple each of the holders together to create a line

Step 4 - use PVA and your chosen decorations to personalise your dragon

Step 5 - punch 4 holes into the first egg holder, 2 on the top and 1 on either side at the front

Step 6 - cut a pipe cleaner into 2 smaller pieces and thread each end out of the top and side holes

Step 7 - glue 2 google eyes onto the head of the dragon  to make a face

Step 8 - cut out 3 white triangles from a white sheet of paper and glue to the bottom of the fame to create the teeth

Step 9 - cut out fire shapes from the cellophane and stick underneath the front egg holder, just below the teeth, using PVA or glue

Firework Display activity image

This is a simple activity which can demonstrate free flowing creativity in the classroom. Children could create their own take home card or perhaps something on a larger scale to brighten up the classroom wall of art.

What you'll need:


Step 1 - cut the ends of the rolls several times for approx., 4cm in length

Step 2 - fold these outwards and set aside

Step 3 - layout your paints and glitter for your fireworks decorations

Step 4 - place your card or sheets of paper in front of the children and let them create!

ed envelope activity image

Celebrate the Chinese New Year by getting your class to make their own traditional red envelope. The colour red symbolises good luck and the envelopes are often given during the festival by family members, containing money to wish good fortune.

What you'll need:


Step 1- Download our simple create your own envelope template and fold!

Our arts and crafts team have chosen a wonderful and varied selection of their favourite products to help inspire some more creative activities. Take a look at our range of Chinese New Year activity packs.


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