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Focus your energy on our future generations, not your bills. Through our utility frameworks, we can review your energy outgoings, look for savings and set you up with contracts designed specifically for your school.
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  • Electricity

    Electricity - 791

    Are you looking to review your energy supplier? There’s no shortage of energy suppliers out there and they all have...

  • Metering

    Metering - 642

    Energy and water bills can be a significant cost to a school budget. As well as reducing consumption by being energy...

  • Solid Fuels

    Solid Fuels DPS - 737

    Our suppliers are experienced in providing the bulk supply of solid fuel products including washed coal, biomass...

  • Bill Validation

    Bill Validation and Energy Management – 1033

    Bill validation is a service which checks that the invoices sent from an energy provider are accurate and correct...

  • Gas

    Gas - 621

    There are many factors to consider when switching your energy supplier including: cost, environmental impacts, customer...

  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting DPS - 716

    The right lighting is a basic necessity for every working and learning environment. We offer lighting optimisation with...

  • Liquid Fuels

    Liquid Fuels - 981

    Providing your school with complete fuel solutions, oil and lubricants. Our guaranteed competitive prices and wealth of...

  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels - 1005

    Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source and can significantly reduce your school’s energy bills. Our services...

  • Water

    Water – 1008

    Our water supply, wastewater and ancillary services can support you in reducing your water consumption, making the usage...

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