Top tips for creating a classroom display
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Top tips for creating a classroom display

11 July 2022 By The YPO Team

creating a classroom display

An important part of any classroom is the displays in the room, helping to show pupils important information whilst creating a visually appealing and welcoming environment. Explore our top tips for creating an exciting and captivating classroom display below.

Make it interactive

A great way to engage pupils with classroom displays is to make them interactive, to encourage pupils to actively take part. For example, interactive displays may include spaces for children to write on, or to add sticky notes. This may be in the form of asking pupils a question within the display, which they can provide an answer to. Similarly, interactive displays may also provide areas for children to draw on or colour in, to encourage creativity and collaboration. Letting pupils take an active part in creating displays is a great way to foster inclusion and interest in the topic at hand. Interactive displays could also feature whiteboards to write on, or removable objects to interact with.

Display pupils’ work

Displaying students work on the display walls helps to provide a sense of accomplishment and pride for pupils. Displaying completed work makes sure pupils feel welcomed and included and are able to see their classroom as their own. This is especially important towards the beginning of a new school year, whilst pupils are settling into their new classroom with a new teacher. Displaying pupils work is also a great visual aid for classroom visitors, such as parents and other teachers, helping to give a quick overview of what the class has been up to over the past months, or what subjects are currently being taught.

Use bright colours and borders

Make your classroom displays eye-catching and captivating by using bright and cheerful colours. Making use of borders keeps displays looking tidy and provides the perfect finishing touch. If you’re doing a themed display, borders can help with tying in specific colours or patterns. We stock a large range of display borders and bordettes, in a range of colours and designs. We also stock a variety of colourful display paper, designed specifically for classroom displays.

Tie displays in with current curriculum work

Keep displays informative and useful for pupils by displaying information about current curriculum work and topics. For example, displays about history topics could include fun facts or images relevant to the current learning topic. Help to inspire pupils in current learning topics with fun and interesting displays. Classroom displays are an important part of learning in the classroom, so ensuring that pupils have access to informational content surrounding them is important.

Include year-round displays

Create a series of displays that can be shown all year round, such as seasonal displays focusing on the changing weather seasons or displays showing the different months and days of the year. Maths is a good subject for designing year-round displays, including displaying the times tables, different maths symbols and more. You could also create year-round displays for English subjects, including information such as word types, punctuation, or favourite words. Year-round displays can also show information about your pupils, such as a birthday display, or a biography display created with help from the pupils.


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