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  • Sarah Earl, Category Manager of Emergency Services at YPO

    Meet the Category Manager - Sarah Earl

    26 May 2020 By Sarah Earl - Category Manager of Emergency Services and Blue Light at YPO

    Sarah Earl joined YPO 22 years ago and has recently become the category manager for the emergency services and blue light team.

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  • Charlie ict assistant buyer at YPO

    Charlie's procurement journey

    26 May 2020 By Charlie Holland - Assistant Buyer of ICT at YPO

    When I came to leave school at the age of 15, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do as a career. I found myself pondering whether I wanted to go to college and university, or whether I wanted to go straight into the world of work.

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  • Empty classroom

    How can we safely social distance at school?

    22 May 2020 By The YPO Team

    As we anticipate the return to school for early years, some primary schools and potentially some secondary schools, many are questioning how it is going to be possible to adhere to social distancing in the classroom and throughout the building.

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  • office workers in PPE

    How will the 'new normal' look in our workplaces?

    19 May 2020 By Vicky Horsfield - Category Manager of Facilities Management at YPO

    As we start to tentatively leave lock down into a different way of working, another sound bite seems to be emerging called the ‘new norm’. But what is it and how can our facilities management team help your organisation prepare for it?

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  • empty office space

    Returning to work safely

    18 May 2020 By Jack Appleton - Framework Manager of Furniture at YPO

    Covid-19 has changed many things in our everyday lives and will have lasting effects on how we live in the future. One major change will be the way in which we work and how companies ensure the safety of their staff in the future.

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  • Planning your workforce for the everchanging normal

    Plan your workforce for the everchanging ‘normal’

    14 May 2020 By Matt Lewis – Director at Hays Public Services

    Covid-19 is having such major impacts on our world of work that business leaders, politicians and the media have no choice but to focus on the here and now. For organisations trying to plan their workforce for the future, it may feel impossible to look further ahead than a week at a time as things are changing so rapidly.

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  • Answering consultancy big questions

    Consultancy: Answering the three big questions

    14 May 2020 By James Bridgland - Consulting and Solutions Director at Consultancy+

    As a country, we are entering a period of uncertainty. The question isn’t whether things will change, it’s how much. And it is fundamental that organisations of all types have the ability to be nimble and agile to adjust to these changes. Commonly this is where specialist support and consultancy can help. But in seeking fast and effective answers, there can be a tendency to get lost and end up with false hope placed in false prophets.

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  • Laura Megson  Assistant Category Buyer for Emergency Services at YPO

    Meet the assistant buyer - Laura Megson

    07 May 2020 By Laura Megson - Assistant Category Buyer for Emergency Services at YPO

    Laura Megson joined the YPO team 3 years ago and is now the Assistant Category Buyer for Emergency Services and Blue Light in the procurement services team.

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  • man working in home office

    Top tips for working from home from the ICT team

    06 May 2020 By the ICT Team at YPO

    Our ICT team have come together to provide a top tips video series to support you whilst adjusting to working from home. Whether it be making the most of the technology you're using or general guidance surrounding how best to adjust to your new working life.

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  • Sean, YPO

    Starting a new role virtually

    29 April 2020 By Sean Cantrill - Further Competition Coordinator at YPO

    Starting a new job or role can be an intimidating process for some especially during the unprecedented situation we are all currently living in. I am going to discuss my recent experience in starting a new role virtually at YPO, in the hope that it can increase the confidence of anyone who might be feeling anxious about the process.

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