Celebrate National Stationery Week with Staedtler
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Celebrate National Stationery Week with Staedtler

16 May 2022 By Staedtler

national stationery week celebrations

With National Stationery Week coming up, we’ve put together a list of fun activities to try in the classroom to help celebrate and encourage children to get involved.

What is National Stationery Week?

National Stationery Week was created to help celebrate writing by hand, and to get people globally talking about the importance of handwriting. Celebrating and encouraging handwriting is important to begin from an early age, so National Stationery Week is a great way to get children involved.

Why is writing by hand so important?

Handwriting from an early age helps children develop reading and spelling skills, as well as aiding in the ability to remember information. Handwriting is an essential skill that is needed throughout adult life, so it’s important for children to practise early on. 

Nowadays, needs-based writing tools such as pencils, fountain pens etc. have a fixed place in the pencil cases of millions of pupils. A view into the pencil case reveals a colourful collection of erasers, sharpeners, compasses and, above all, pens and pencils. Whether triangular or hexagonal, with graphite or ink: School pens and pencils characterise how an individual’s first letters are created.

Activities to try during National Stationery Week

Write a letter

Suggest children write a letter to a friend or family member, encouraging them to write about a recent event, day, or holiday. Giving children a reason to write is a great way to practise handwriting, along with helping to develop self-esteem and confidence. Letter writing helps children to develop creative writing and story-telling skills, by thinking about what it is they need to convey in the letter.

Print some colouring activities

Utilise your classroom stationery by creating colouring activities for children, encouraging them to colour in, draw and doodle. Incorporate different pens, pencils and materials to help encourage creativity. Our ranges of coloured pencils, oil pastels, and watercolour pencils are great for colouring and drawing activities. Colouring in is a great way for children to express themselves and develop creativity and patience. Explore resources and get involved with National Stationery Week on their dedicated Twitter page

Try map-making

Grab some paper and pencils and try out the art of cartography! Have children design and draw a map of their home, school, or local area. Children can then draw and label each part of the map. Map making is great for developing problem solving abilities, along with teaching geography and maths skills.

Practise handwriting

National Stationery Week is a great opportunity to practise handwriting skills. Pencil grips are a great way to make it easier for children to practise handwriting. Pencil grips encourage children to hold pens and pencils in the correct way to help support through the early stages of writing. 

Another way to encourage children to practise handwriting is by using fun and colourful pens and pencils. Offer children a special pen or pencil to use while practising to make the experience more exciting. Staedtler stock a range of bright and colourful pencils to make handwriting fun. Although the most iconic Staedtler products are decorated in yellow and black stripes, the Staedtler colour range is amongst many products that are patterned with different coloured stripes. We also stock unicolour and multicoloured products in the diverse Staedtler range, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

Play word games

Try playing simple word puzzles, anagrams, or other word-based games to encourage children to write out words and letters. Using word games and puzzles helps children to develop key skills needed for reading, writing, and spelling, and can make practising handwriting much more fun. 


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