Seven ways to make your Pritt Sticks go further
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Seven ways to make your Pritt Sticks go further

06 January 2022 By The YPO Team

Pritt Stick

There’s three weeks of term left, and you’ve got nothing but four Pritt Sticks and a bit of willpower to get you and your 30 children through that big craft project coming up. You plead with the powers that be to get some brand new ones, but the budget’s all gone for the term. Do you know the feeling?

We’re here to help! We have a few handy hints and tips which can help your Pritt Sticks go that little bit further… 

1. Buy the best quality!

With a high quality product such as a Pritt Stick it really doesn’t take that much glue at all to get the job done. Additionally, its airtight cap means that as long as the lid is put back on properly your Pritt Stick will not dry out! 

2. Don’t go overboard with the glue. 

If you’re gluing a worksheet into a book, there’s no need to paste glue over all the sheet. A simple line around the edge of the sheet with your Pritt Stick is more than enough to secure it in there. 

3. Only wind out the glue a little bit. 

It’s really tempting for children to wind a Pritt Stick out completely, but by doing this they’re more likely to use more glue than needed or even snap the glue from the container. Encouraging them to only slightly wind the glue out will make the stick last a lot longer. 

4. Keep track of those lids. 

Isn’t it frustrating finding lonely Pritt Sticks without their lids at the end of a lesson? One option to help stop this is to put a specific pot on each table for the lids to be put in while the sticks are in use. Alternatively, why not hand out the glue sticks to the children with the lids already off so that when you take them back again a few minutes later you’ve got the lids all safe and sound? 

5. Keep hold of those lids. 

When one Pritt Stick is used up, keep its lid hidden away in a stash of spares for when the inevitable happens and another lid gets lost. 

6. Look out for offers. 

YPO’s budget stretcher campaign (which starts at the beginning of April each year) allows you to get that little bit more for your money, so it’s the perfect time to stock up! 

7. Buy in bulk.

You can buy a mega-sized pack of 200 Pritt Sticks from YPO, which also comes with a further eight sticks for free! That way you get a better price per stick and some freebies thrown in too. 


View our range of Pritt products here, and make sure to show us your creations using your Pritt Sticks over on our Instagram


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Louise Blanchard on 08 January 2022

When things get really desparate, pick the glue out at the end with a glue spreader!!!!

Tony Woodhall. on 15 June 2019

Use a lot of pritt helping my grandchildren and its frustrating the waste half inch left in the bottom of the container especially the price of it should be able to use all of the tube thanks

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