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  • Gillian Askew

    Meet Gill, our new Head of Procurement

    29 June 2016 By Gillian Askew, Head of Procurement

    “I believe YPO because it’s a customer driven organisation with a long standing heritage in putting the customer first, YPO truly adds value and I’m really excited to be here.”

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  • Temporary Labour

    Temporary labour, which model?

    13 June 2016 By Lizzy Grayson, Buyer - Corporate & People Services

    Do you know which delivery model to use for temporary recruitment - neutral, master or hybrid? Our HR buyer, Lizzy explains the differences in her latest blog.

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  • Can first class travel be more cost effective

    Can first class travel be more cost effective?

    19 May 2016 By Duncan Spokes, Procurement Manager - Corporate & People Services

    Over the past few years public sector organisations have been feeling the squeeze as budgets are tightened across the board. All organisations are looking for ways to save money and deliver greater efficiencies.

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  • Duty of care

    Duty of care - why it matters

    06 May 2016 By Duncan Spokes, Procurement Manager - Corporate & People Services

    Why should employers care where you are when you’re on business? Organisations with thorough travel booking systems are doing more than keeping an eye on your whereabouts.

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  • Employee Value Proposition

    Creating a compelling Employer Value Proposition

    28 April 2016 By Victoria Smith, Lead Client Partner - Penna

    A great employee value proposition (EVP) is vital in persuading the best talent to join your organisation. This guest blog article from Penna explains what EVP actually means and how to create a compelling proposition.

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  • Time to face up to cyber risk

    Time to face up to cyber risk

    18 April 2016 By Agnieszka Gajli, Category Buyer - Corporate & People Services

    With public bodies the number one target for cyber attacks, local authorities need to ensure they understand the risks and take proper precautions

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  • Searching for best value travel

    Searching for best value travel

    14 April 2016 By Duncan Spokes, Procurement Manager - Corporate & People Services

    While there’s no doubting that you can find a bargain online if you spend long enough searching for it, does the Internet really always offer the best value option?

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  • Biomass Equipment

    How to store biomass pellets in six easy steps

    07 April 2016 By Steve Sefton, Buyer - Energy

    One of the most commonly asked questions from customers about a biomass boiler is, how do you store the biomass pellets?

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  • Gas Light

    The truth about fixed price energy contracts

    18 February 2016 By Georgina Penfold, Category Manager - Energy Solutions

    It has been well publicised that the price of energy has been gradually falling over the past 12 months. Gas is at a seven year low, and electricity prices are holding steady, despite green taxes.

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  • Streetlights

    Competition in Connections: Are you missing out?

    18 January 2016 By Beverley Upcraft, Category Business Partner - Energy

    Until recently, local authorities were unable to select which companies connected their equipment such as streetlights to local electrical networks.

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