Sustainable printing for the public sector
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Sustainable printing for the public sector

17 August 2021 By The APS Group

Printing solution

As part of your social value objectives, you may be considering how to ensure any print requirements are aligned to your environmental and sustainability goals.

Ordering print through a government-backed system such as Print Marketplace can help you meet these requirements through a range of sustainability initiatives.

Print Marketplace was developed by APS Group working in partnership with Crown Commercial Services and YPO as an online print buying platform designed specifically for the public sector and charities. It was built with sustainability in mind and has a variety of offerings that can help towards these goals.

The initial emphasis is on sustainability ‘by reduction’, i.e., giving the buyer the information and options to make the most sustainable choices in the first instance, such as specifying recycled paper or using local supply chain partners. With an extensive geographical coverage in the supply chain, the system can offer buyers the choice to place work with local suppliers. This has a double benefit of supporting buyers to meet their social value objectives but also reducing the carbon footprint associated with unnecessary transportation.

In the future, Print Marketplace will also be introducing bio-laminates as a viable alternative to single-use plastics. However, even where reduction choices have been made, there is likely to be some residual carbon impact. This is where carbon offsetting can be used in a complementary way.

A key benefit of the platform’s production-based-pricing engine is that the buyer can dynamically calculate the CO2 for each job. This calculation considers the raw materials used, the power consumption of the machinery as well as transportation methods and distances. This calculation then produces a CO2 equivalent measure (expressed to the user in tonnes of CO2).

Through partnership with a carbon-offsetting provider, the buyer is offered the option to offset their carbon impact by paying a small fee. This fee passes through in full, to the offsetting provider who invest it in accredited projects both in the UK and around the world.

These projects include woodland creation, renewable energy projects, clean water projects and Rainforest protection schemes to name just a few.

As well as being an efficient online tool for public sector print, Print Marketplace also offers users a variety of benefits that contribute to their social value objectives.


To find out more information or to book a demo, visit Print Marketplace. Alternatively, please get in touch with the team!


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