How to create an inclusive reading corner
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How to create an inclusive reading corner

27 April 2021 By Emily Mayer - Marketing Communications Executive at Eden Learning Spaces

Eden reading corner

Bring out your child’s inner bookworm and create a dedicated reading space where they can lose themselves in their favourite page turner. A space that feels comforting and peaceful. Sounds great, but how do you get started?

Find the ideal corner


A reading nook does not need to take up vast amounts of space. It needs to instil a sense of calm and security, free from distractions to improve concentration. You may discover that you need to carve out an area, whether it is in a small alcove or just an empty space in the corner of a classroom. If you are tight on space, creating a snug corner with Eden Learning Spaces Den Fabric is a great option too.


We recommend visiting your local library for some extra book nook inspiration.

Choose comfortable seating


Keeping kids relaxed, comfortable and happy while reading is essential for your reading corner to be a success.

For a super comfortable reading pad, opt for bean bags and floor cushions. Put-away cubes are great for compact spaces too! This flexible seating option has been found to promote well-being, concentration and elongate time spent reading. Don’t forget to make sure there’s a room for storytellers to take a seat.


Make it a welcoming space


Get creative and make a mood board, Pinterest is a great tool for this! We also recommend getting opinions from children who will be using this space to hear what they would like to see featured.

The design of your reading area should be cheery and inviting, while encouraging quiet activity. Think soft cushions, carpets, wall art and accessories. To make your book nook even more appealing, add in some creative soft furnishings to spark their imaginations, such as the BazZoo Sea Life Fish. It will make great extra seating.


Offer a well-stocked book supply


Books are the key ingredient! Ensure children have access to easy book storage so they can grab and go. Keep reading materials in high supply and ensure there is a suitable offering for individual interests. Display a range of picture books for kids to instantly recognise the book they want to read.


Keep it child-friendly


Create a cosy reading corner that is accessible for every child. Reading is a crucial element in language development, it also encourages imagination and stimulates curiosity. Consider individual needs when designing this inspiring space. There are several inclusive aides available, such as a Support Seat that provides a controlled fidgeting outlet and is perfect for sitting and relaxing.


If your little learners require additional assistance, create a reading corner that can be used both independently and with a grown up. This will encourage a love for reading that will last a lifetime.


Looking to create the perfect reading corner in your setting? We have everything you need from comfy seating and book storage to early years books and resources – click here to browse our early years products or click here for primary.



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