Russia and Ukraine supply chain statement
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Russia/Ukraine supply chain statement

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with those directly impacted by the war in Ukraine, as well as those with family and close ties to the region.


The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is exacerbating existing global supply chain challenges around the world, and as one the UK’s largest public sector procurement organisations, we are continually assessing the impact on our customers and YPO as an organisation.


We want to assure all concerned that we’re working closely with suppliers to continually review our products and services, ensuring that we support public sector organisations robustly as the UK responds to the war in Ukraine. As part of this process, we are working on solutions that mitigate risk where possible, as well as providing ongoing procurement advice, allowing the UK public sector and education sector to maintain vital services.  


We understand that some customers are seeking further guidance regarding the anticipated impact on energy in the UK and the origins of gas supplied by energy providers on our framework. We can advise that the energy providers on our gas and electricity frameworks do not have any direct links with Russian energy suppliers - the UK government estimates that less than 4% of UK gas supply emanated from Russia in 2021. While this is the case, the energy market is indirectly affected by the conflict in Ukraine due to the anticipated drop in global supply, following sanctions on Russia, and we are monitoring these effects on an ongoing basis.


We provide regular supply chain updates which can be viewed here.