YPO Joint Consultative Committee
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YPO Joint Consultative Committee

Our Joint Consultative Committee consists of:

• Five councillors (including the chair and vice chair of the Management Committee) drawn from different member authorities
• The chair and secretary of our branch of UNISON
• The UNISON regional organiser responsible for liaising YPO

Frequency of meetings: Three times per annum, linked to Management Committee meetings

Quorum: Two councillors and two trade union officials

Substitutes: Allowed

1. To represent and co-ordinate the views locally of UNISON and members of our Management Committee wherever possible on issues of common interest in relation to YPO.
2. To raise issues, make recommendations and reach agreement on issues which have an effect on our employees, but without binding effect on either party.
3. To monitor and challenge the outputs of any employee satisfaction survey.
4. To promote the well-being of employees and monitor and challenge matters related to sickness and attendance.
5. To promote, challenge and monitor our actions in relation to it being an employer of choice and its equality impact assessments.
6. To review annually its terms of reference and report any additions and amendments to the Management Committee.
7. To submit to each annual meeting of the Management Committee a report of its activities during the previous year.