Festive fun for early years
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Festive fun for early years

15 December 2021 By The YPO Team

Christmas bauble activity

Children will have hours of fun getting into the festive spirit with these Christmas activities, including arts and crafts.

Play Dough Christmas Tree

Christmas tree activity

Create the cutest little Christmas trees to decorate your setting – mould play dough into a coned tree shape and add jewels, bells and sequins to decorate.


What you’ll need:

898342  Assorted Acrylic Jewels
320846 Coloured Jingle Bells
759465  Soft Dough


Paint Your Own Bauble

Christmas bauble activity

This is a great activity for team building! Squeeze paint into a tub or play tray and work together to manoeuvre the baubles around to make unique patterned baubles.


What you’ll need:

305061  Pearl Baubles
320862  Clear Baubles
306235  Cosy Black Circle Tuff Tray
739678  Washable Ready Mixed Paint


Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Paper plate Christmas tree activity

Paint brushes at the ready! To create your own Christmas tree using a paper plate you need to first prep the tree by cutting a plate in half, before gluing together to form a cone shape. Once dry, paint and decorate with pom poms. You could use these to decorate your setting or use as hats for your Christmas party!


What you’ll need:

250155  Paper Plates
309844  Assorted Pom Poms
713368  Washable PVA
731729  Green Washable Ready Mixed Paint


Rudolph the Foam Clay Reindeer

Rudolph activity

Little ones will love recreating the famous Rudolph with foam clay or play dough. Start by squishing the your foam clay or play dough flat and adding eyes – don’t forget his antlers and red nose!


What you’ll need:

Foam Clay
759465  Soft Dough
305025  Rudolph Accessories Pack
303877  Wiggly Eyes


Snowman Fine Motor Bottle

Snowman activity

Build fine motor skills with the help of Mr Snowman. Start by creating a Snowman using a bottle and adding eyes, a nose, and a mouth - you could even get the children involved in this process and get them to make their own.

Provide a variety of different sized pom poms with tweezers and ask the children to fill the snowman with snow. They’ll soon discover that some will fit in the bottle, and some won’t, which is all part of the fun.

No cheating – you can’t use your hands!


What you’ll need:

Plastic Bottle
301692  White Pom Poms
302511  Christmas Felt Selection
800193  YPO Super Bowls and Tweezers
800015  YPO Tweezers
713368  Washable PVA


Paper Plate Baubles

Paper plate bauble

These paper plate decorations are simple, mess-free and perfect for young children – they also look amazing! All you need to do is supply the children with plates, glue and scrap paper and they’re ready to go.


What you’ll need:

250139  Paper Plates
108219  Jumbo Glitter Mosaics
114839  Jumbo Paper Mosaics
713368  Washable PVA


Yarn and Stick Christmas Tree

Christmas tree activity

Inspired by nature! This activity uses sticks that can be found outside, secured with glue or elastic bands. Encourage children to wrap the yarn around the tree and decorate with pom poms.


What you’ll need:

301528 Double Knit Yarn

309844  Assorted Pom Poms
800160 Natural Tea Branches
753688 YPO Elastic Rubber Bands
713368  Washable PVA


These activities have been taken from Little Learners, a FREE magazine full of early years resources and activities. Click here to read our latest issue and enter our exclusive competition.

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