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Brian Clegg Red Label PVA Glue, Washable – 1 Litre


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Key Features:
•Premium PVA designed for children
•Superior strength bonding properties
•Extra durable and flexible for collages, displays and use on moving parts
•Dries nearly clear
•Washes off clothes, brushes and furniture easily
•Versatile for wide range of arts and crafts

Brian Clegg are the largest supplier of arts products in the UK education market, not only due to their trusted and reliable service, but the spectacularly high quality of their products. In fact, Brian Clegg are the brand behind most own-brand PVA glues in the UK, meaning you will get the exact same quality with this glue but without the price markup!

This premium PVA has been specially developed with superior strength bonding properties, good flexibility, extra durability and nearly clear drying for maximum quality – but is also fully washable for younger children to use. For superior quality that is also suitable for classroom use, Brian Clegg Red Label PVA is a rare and valuable find.

The Ultimate Versatile Adhesive
How many times have you seen PVA glue recommended when following an arts and crafts tutorial? As one of the most versatile resources in arts and crafts, PVA is used for EVERYTHING – from paper to card, papier-mâché, wood, fabrics, and even mixed with paint to create a glossy finish!

Clearly an essential in the classroom, it shouldn’t have to break the bank, and that’s why low-priced Brian Clegg PVA Glue is a fantastic choice for your school.

Premium Quality Option
Compared to alternatives, Red Label PVA contains high solids to create extremely strong bonding properties, ensuring your work is always finished to your satisfaction. This makes it ideal for gluing that is meant to last, such as collaging, or any serious projects that will be graded or put on display.

The glue will dry nearly clear for a much more professional look that is perfect for this type of work, and will also blend nicely with paints for an enhanced effect with high colour intensity.

On flexible surfaces such as within books or on models with moving parts, Red Label’s super adhesive properties provide extra durability that will not let you down.

Perfect for Children
Specially designed with young children in mind, this glue is both washable for stress-free use. The special formulation will wash off clothes, skin, hair, art brushes and work areas extremely easily – even when dry – so teachers and parents can let children create without a care in the world.

For the same product in alternate sizes, please see the following: 180ml – 713384; 600ml – 713376; 5 Litres – 713422

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