Creative classroom activities fit for a Queen
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Creative classroom activities fit for a Queen

23 May 2022 By Luke Jones - Brand Manager at BIC

jubilee celebrations in the classroom

This year, we are really in luck, because Queen Elizabeth II is the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee – that’s 70 years of service to Great Britain! And it has been lighting up imaginations everywhere. So here are our top ideas for creative learning and expressions in the classroom, as we mark this historic moment.

In the classroom we love to make a splash, and any opportunity to celebrate something important happening in the world is a chance to get creative with colour and have some fun. Read our top ideas for celebrating the Jubilee in the classroom below.

Question time

If you could ask the Queen anything about her 70 years as a monarch, what would you like to know? 

Task your students with writing some questions for the Queen – this could be in the form of a letter, or a list of questions. Afterwards, have them guess what the Queen may say in response!

Question and letter writing is a wonderful chance for the kids to practice cursive script, using our Velleda 200 class pack. Or, try our Visacolour XL Ecolutions range, which are specifically shaped to coax young hands to hold a pen properly so absolutely nothing can stop enquiring minds getting truly quizzical.

BIC crafting

The ultimate crown

Challenge your students to design and cut out a Jubilee crown, with a different coloured gem or decoration for each decade of Royal service, allowing them to craft the most sparkling, special adornment for a momentous occasion – and even get to wear it! Afterwards, children may enjoy acting out the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations themselves, with their Jubilee crown at the ready.

The Visa, Velleda and Ecolution colouring class packs offer a bold new palette of eye-catching colours, ideal for colouring and decorating your Jubilee crowns. Allow children to take inspiration from the Queen's own crown, or have them imagine what they'd like their own Jubilee crown to look like.

BIC crafting

Jubliee cards for an occasion

Our Queen is an icon, and loves to wear bold hues when she greets the public. When we think of her, images of her hats, handbags and beloved dogs immediately spring to mind.

Grab a pack of Ecolutions coloured pencils and inspire your students to design a jubilee greeting card with one image that sums the Queen up for them – they can choose from 12 intensely vibrant colours to create their masterpiece, and even send it to the queen with a message. Find information on how to send the Queen a card here. Explore the Queen's Jubilee celebration website for a range of printable resources, ideal for providing greeting card inspiration.

A royal biography

Bring the Queen’s history to life and appoint all your students as her official biographers. They can piece together key moments from books, newspaper articles and online resources, and bring each decade to life with different colour inks from our Cristal ballpoint range. This could be in the form of a timeline of her life, drawings depicting key moments, a colourful poster, or an informative leaflet.

From her childhood to coronation, and getting married to having her children, a life as rich and varied as hers will be fun to write about, and even more interesting to read.


We hope these ideas will help get your classes ready for a bumper Bank Holiday, and fully engaged in the meaning behind the national celebration that we only get to enjoy once in a lifetime! Download our Queen's Jubilee activity sheet here.

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