BIC® Velleda® 1721 Drywipe/Whiteboard Pens, Fine Tip, Black – Pack of 200 | Whiteboard Markers | YPO
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BIC® Velleda® 1721 Drywipe/Whiteboard Pens, Fine Tip, Black – Pack of 200


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Key Features:
•Fine bullet tip - 1.5mm line width
•Drywipe for whiteboard use
•Virtually odourless alcohol based ink
•Wipes off easily even days later
•Blocked acrylic nib resists pressure for longer life
•Pack of 200 – Black

BIC® Velleda® 1721 are versatile, easy-to-use drywipe pens for use by professionals in offices and classrooms. With a fine bullet nib providing a 1.5mm line width, your work will be precise and clear, whilst also bold enough to remain legible from a distance. The alcohol-based ink is fast-drying and odourless for convenient use, and will wash off easily even days later, making it ideal for longer tasks.

Fine Bullet Nib
Whilst the fine 2.8mm bullet-shaped nib affords you consistent precision for longer strings of text, the 1.5mm line width produces clear, bold results. This makes the pens ideal when writing for larger audiences where legibility is required from afar, but larger marker pens would negatively impact handwriting quality and accuracy.

Strong Acrylic Nib
The nib is made from acrylic for extra strength, preventing it from becoming bent, misshapen or splayed. It is also blocked to prevent it pushing into the barrel, meaning it can withstand the higher pressure of heavy use or use by children. BIC Velleda therefore help your resources stretch much further and save you money over time.

The pen itself is designed with a thin barrel to replicate a regular pen, the familiarity of which will allow adults and children to write neatly with ease.

High Quality Ink
As the ink is alcohol-based, it will glide smoothly onto your whiteboard or flipchart surface for reliable, easy use the first time. The fast-drying properties result in fewer smudges and are a welcome treat particularly for left-handers, although when the ink is dried on it will wipe off in a flash too – even after several days! Despite being alcohol-based, the BIC formula is low odour to the point it is virtually odourless, affording great comfort to children or professionals writing extensively.

BIC Velleda 1721 markers are perfect both for professionals hosting meetings or giving presentations, as well as teachers presenting new concepts with clarity and style in classrooms. Students will also get use out of the pens, finding their low-odour, vivid results and familiar pen-style encouraging to use, thus encouraging participation in class.

Wherever you need to write on a drywipe surface or flipchart paper, the BIC Velleda 1721 is a necessity for you! .

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