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BIC® Kids Evolution ECOlutions Colouring Pencils, Assorted Colours - Pack of 144


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Key Features:
•Environmentally friendly – wood-free, 50% recycled, and no PVC
•Safer - No splinters when snapped
•Long lifespan - ultra-shock resistant, drop resistant, chew-resistant, easy-sharpening
•Excellent coverage and consistent colour to improve quality of artwork
•Pack of 144 – 12 pencils of 12 assorted colours

These BIC Kids Evolution ECOlutions colouring pencils are made specifically for children to help them not only colour fantastic works of art with consistent, striking colour, but stay safe as they do so. Made from synthetic materials, each wood-free pencil poses no risk of harmful splinters, and is resistant against chewing, dropping and snapping for both safety and a longer lifespan. This classpack of 144 pencils is a superb investment in any classroom for childrens’ satisfaction and teachers’ peace of mind.

Synthetic Resin
BIC ECOlutions pencils are wood-free, instead opting for a more eco-friendly synthetic resin that is PVC free and made up of 50%* recycled plastic. Thanks to the unique and patented extrusion process, no other pencil on the market offers the benefits offered by the BIC Evolution ECOultion range.

Synthetic resin is perfect for children as it is resistant to chewing with no detachable parts like splinters or varnish, and does not splinter when snapped due to the absence of wood. This material also makes them difficult to snap in the first place, proving surprisingly pliable and able to bend a lot before cleanly breaking. These sturdy pencils are therefore not only a safer option for children, but a better, longer-lasting choice for your budget too!

The barrel of each pencil is extra resistant and super solid, and made specifically so in order to withstand heavy use under high pressure that children exert when colouring. Despite this, the pencils are remarkably easy to sharpen to a consistent, reliable and satisfyingly sharp point, helping children get on with their colouring fuss-free when time is of the essence.

It is not just the barrel that is resistant, but also the lead within. The super-solid 3.2mm diameter lead is surrounded by a protective sheath that makes it ultra-shock resistant, and therefore extremely difficult to break when dropped. This reduces unexpected mid-project breakages for more satisfying use, and results in a longer lifespan with far less sharpening required.

Good Looking Results
The lead is designed for school children to colour in with good looking results. This means that colouring is smooth and the pigment flows well, with great covering power. As the leads are pigment-based, the colours are rich, vibrant and vivid, and not much pressure is needed to release this colour onto the page. Even with pressure variations, the colour appears consistent in shade, meaning children’s art will appear less messy whilst their fine motor skills are not fully developed.

Colours Included:
•12 x Black
•12 x Dark Blue
•12 x Light Blue
•12 x Dark Green
•12 x Light Green
•12 x Purple
•12 x Pink
•12 x Red
•12 x Orange
•12 x Yellow
•12 x Maroon
•12 x Brown

Supplied in a handy storage tray with separate compartment for each colour.

*Percentage of the total weight of the product. Suitable for ages 5+. Product compliant with European toy standard (EN71).
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