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Staedtler Wood Free Colouring Pencils - Pack of 288


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Key Features:
•Velvety soft lead with rich colour that makes a bold statement on paper
•Wood-free design – no splinters and extremely resistant to breakage
•Easy to sharpen
•Traditional hexagonal shape for all ages
•Pack of 288– 24 x 12 assorted colours

Staedtler are a leading pencil brand known for their high-quality results and durable pencil designs. As each pencil is wood-free, they pose no risk of harmful splinters, and are resistant against chewing, impact and snapping for increased safety and a longer lifespan. With velvety smooth leads that are rich in colour, this classpack of 288 colouring pencils is sure to impress students and teachers alike.

Quality Design
The velvety soft lead will transfer onto paper in a way that is smooth, even and predictable, for a unique and satisfying experience every time. The rich, brilliantly coloured leads that are iconic of Staedtler colouring pencils will leave bold, impactful results with the slightest touch, making colouring quicker, easier and a more relaxing experience for children and adults alike.

The classic, ergonomically designed hexagonal shape is easy to grip and control with precision for all ages, with satisfaction guaranteed for students and professional artists alike. The non-slip rubberised surface also makes the pencils easy to use for long periods of time - perfect for long sessions in the classroom or studio - and protects them from moisture for a longer lifespan.

Wood Free
Staedtler 175 Colouring Pencils are wood-free, and instead constructed from synthetic resin. Synthetic resin is perfect for children as it is does not leave splinters in the mouth when chewed, and does not splinter when snapped either due to the absence of wood.

In fact, this material is very difficult to snap in the first place, proving surprisingly pliable and able to bend a lot before cleanly breaking. These sturdy pencils are therefore not only a safe option for children, but a better, longer-lasting choice for your budget too!

Easy to Sharpen
The barrel of each pencil is extra resistant and super solid, and made specifically so in order to withstand heavy use under high pressure that children exert when colouring. Despite this, the pencils are remarkably easy to sharpen to a consistent, reliable and satisfyingly sharp point, helping children get on with their colouring fuss-free when time is of the essence.

Colours Included:
•24 x Yellow
•24 x Orange
•24 x Red
•24 x Pink
•24 x Lilac
•24 x Dark Blue
•24 x Light Blue
•24 x Light Green
•24 x Dark Green
•24 x Light Brown
•24 x Dark Brown
•24 x Black

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