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Staedtler Noris® Colouring Pencils, Assorted Colours - Pack of 288 with 6 x FREE Sharpeners & Gratnells Tray


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Key Features:
• Velvety soft lead with smooth laydown that makes a strong, bold statement on paper
• Modern and efficient manufacturing process that helps the planet
• Unique WOPEX barrel improves pencil quality – robust, comfortable, and evenly sharpens
• Break-resistant lead with a special super-bonded lead formulation
• Pack of 288 – 24 x 12 assorted colours, with 6 x FREE metal pencil sharpeners and 1 x shallow Gratnells Tray with lid

Staedtler Noris Pencils have for over 40 years remained undoubtedly the most iconic classroom pencil in the UK. Matching in quality with their popular HB range, these colouring pencils are perfect for children and serious artists alike, with high-quality leads that produce beautiful, vibrant results, and break resistant WOPEX barrels that can withstand tough, long-term use. When quality matters, Staedtler Noris Pencils are the premium choice - and with a bulk classpack, this doesn’t mean breaking the bank either.

Iconic Design
Each colouring pencil incorporates the classic Staedtler Noris striped design, alternating black with coloured stripes matching the lead for easy identification. From recognition of the professional design alone, students can confidently expect a high-quality colouring pencil that will get the job done.

In terms of practicality, the classic, ergonomically designed hexagonal shape is easy to grip and control with precision for all ages, with satisfaction guaranteed for students and professional artists alike. The non-slip rubberised surface also makes the pencils easy to use for long periods of time - perfect for long sessions in the classroom or studio - and protects them from moisture for a longer lifespan.

WOPEX Barrel
These pencils are made using the innovative WOPEX material that improves the pencil’s quality as well as its environmental impact. WOPEX is manufactured from by-products of the timber industry generated during sawing and planing that would normally be discarded, alongside wood from German PEFC certified forests. These forests are located just a short journey away from the production facility for a minimal carbon footprint.

With the use of WOPEX, the pencil barrel has a greater density than alternatives, making it more robust and resistant to breakage for a longer lifespan. If the pencil does break however, it will not splinter and cause harm to the user. A denser pencil is also heavier for more comfortable use and greater accuracy when drawing or colouring. WOPEX-based pencil tips will also sharpen evenly for further accuracy, proving exceptional in quality for maximum satisfaction.

The barrel has a diameter of 7mm.

Quality Lead
Cheap, economy alternatives often use low quality leads that result in inaccuracies and frustration. These pencils on the other hand use a special super-bonded lead formulation that is break resistant, meaning no more repetitive sharpening or lead breakages mid-way through a project to ruin your concentration – even when high pressure is applied. This is yet another feature that expands the lifespan of the pencil and saves your school money over time.

The velvety soft lead will also transfer onto paper in a way that is smooth, even and predictable, for a unique and satisfying experience every time. Much loved and for good reason, there is no classroom colouring pencil superior to the Staedtler Noris.

The lead has a diameter of 3mm.

The Full Package
As a huge classpack of 288, there are more than enough pencils to last the whole school year or longer, and enough of each colour to share between tables or groups.

Each pack contains 24 pencils of 12 popular, vibrant colours, specially selected to make a strong, bold statement on paper, and reflect the full spectrum that children will encounter in their everyday life. This will give them the freedom to draw whatever they can imagine, with no bounds to hold back their creativity.

The handy shallow Gratnells Tray in which the pencils are supplied incorporates a storage compartment for each colour, and can be stored within an existing tray unit to effortlessly organise your resources. It also comes with a lid for those travelling with the pencils or simply not wishing to store the tray within a unit. With a durable polypropylene construction, it is possible to upcycle the tray for other purposes in the future too, proving excellent value for money for your school over time.

Each great value classpack also contains 6 metal pencil sharpeners for FREE to help you get started with everything you need. Metal sharpeners are far more durable than plastic alternatives, and so will last a lot longer and save money over time in demanding classrooms.

Colours Included:
•24 x Light Yellow
•24 x Peach
•24 x Orange
•24 x Red
•24 x Magenta
&bul Pack of 288 assorted, with 6 FREE sharpeners.

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Great pencils at a great price.

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