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Renewable Biomass and Related Services DPS - 1080

Fire and coal

A dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the bulk supply of renewable biomass products such as biomass wood pellets and biomass wood chips. Each product will be to a particular specification, as required and set by the customer.


Related services such as boiler maintenance and servicing, completion of RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) applications, supply of heat (where suppliers/providers fund, own and operate the boiler and sell the heat to the client on per kWh basis), Hopper/storage vessel housekeeping training, wood cracking and wood chipping and fuel level management. Throughout the life of this DPS there will be open rounds for new providers/suppliers to join providing they pass the mandatory minimum selection criteria, set by YPO. This DPS is awarded through further competition processes held via YPO on behalf of the customer. Customers will specify their full requirement of products and services within their specification/Call for Competition documents. Customers also have the option to run their own further competitions, via this YPO DPS.


Who can use the DPS?

Our customers include but are not limited to local government departments, emergency services, educational institutions, charities, housing associations and social enterprises.


How do customers access the DPS?

The first step to using the DPS is to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The NDA confirms that that any information and/or documents provided will be kept confidential by the customer. Please see the documents tab above to download the NDA/Access Agreement.


The NDA/ Access Agreement should be completed and returned to the energy team at YPO, by email to [email protected].

Period: 16 August 2021 - 15 August 2025
Extension Opportunities: No Extension Period - Contract Length 4 years (2+1+1)
OJEU Framework Notice: 2021/S 000-009517
OJEU Award Notice:
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Lot 1 - Supply of Biomass Fuel Chips with additional services of: Boiler maintenance, completion of renewable heat incentive applications, supply of heat, hooper/storage vessel housekeeping training, wood crackling and wood chippings & fuel level management.

  • Lot 2 - Supply of Biomass Pellets with additional services of Boiler maintenance, completion of renewable heat incentive applications, supply of heat, hooper/storage vessel housekeeping training & fuel level management.

  • Our biomass suppliers fuelling a greener future
    No matter what industry you are in, we are all facing unique individual challenges to become carbon neutral by 2050. Therefore, this is no different for our leading suppliers on our new Renewable Biomass and Related Services DPS. Although the DPS provides a clear, compliant route to market for biomass goods and services, our supply base is also continuously exploring new and innovative solutions to fight against climate change.

Lot 1:

LC Energy Ltd
AMP Biomass Fuels
New Forest Energy Ltd

Lot 2:

LC Energy Ltd
AMP Biomass Fuels
Y Pellets Ltd