Bringing the marvellous world of Roald Dahl to your classroom

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The magic of Roald Dahl is as powerful now as it’s always been, even as Roald himself would have been 100 last year. That’s why we’re proud to be an official partner of Roald Dahl educational resources.

Find out below about the Roald Dahl inspired lesson plans, bringing the best-known stories of Roald Dahl to life. There’s lots of fun activities for your children to enjoy. Don’t miss our create and make videos too.

Party Pack

Roald Dahl party pack

This year’s theme for Roald Dahl Day is ‘James and the Giant Peach’: a celebration of the popular story and how it inspires and encourages children to be adventurous and to explore the great outdoors.

The gloriumptious party pack, which can now be downloaded by teachers and parents, feature a host of fun activities, challenges and quizzes to keep Roald Dahl fans entertained and inspired way beyond the day itself and to assist as a teaching tool.

Party Pack Toddlers 

Roald Dahl Day for Early Years!

The Enormous Crocodile story has been igniting the imaginations of little ones for 40 years, and with Roald Dahl day just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to introduce your chiddlers to this greedy grumptious brute!

Get a free party pack to help you celebrate, which has been designed specifically with titchy toddlers in mind. Whether you’re throwing a fantabulous party, or arranging a croc-filled nursery session, there are crafting activities and games to enjoy.


Roald Dahl lesson plans

With the help of these tremendous lessons plans, it's easy to add some serious fun to your lessons. Each resource is themed around Roald Dahl’s best-loved tales and stuffed full of activities (and who knows, perhaps a golden ticket too!). It's easy to get started, just download the lesson plans below. New lessons will be released regularly so remember to check back again soon for more.

James and the Giant Peach Lesson Plan

James and the Giant Peach

Bring a world of giant peaches and talking insects to life in your classroom with these brilliant beyond belief YPO lesson plans. Explore marvellous topics including; English, Science, Geography, Music and PSHE.

The Twits Lesson Plan

The Twits

Let these terrific Twits inspired lesson plans inspire and engage the little twits in your classroom. Explore marvellous themes including; the power of words, mixed feeling and exciting writing. These read-along resources include extracts, Literacy and PSHE learning objectives, lesson plans and fun activity sheets!

Billy and the Minpins lesson plan

Billy and the Minpins

Can your class help Billy escape The Gruncher? In these lessons you’ll cover Art and Literacy objectives on spoken language, imagining worlds and celebrating achievements.

Boy: Tales of Childhood lesson plan


Teach your class about Boy: Tales of Childhood, where Roald Dahl tells the story of his own early days with these brand new lesson plans. They focus on Literacy and PSHE learning objectives around descriptions, colourful characters and information gathering.

George’s Marvellous Medicine lesson plan

George’s Marvellous Medicine lesson plans

Your class will create recipes for their own perilous potions and play with some super science from the upcoming George’s Marvellous Experiments book.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lesson plan

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lesson plans

You’ll cover PSHE and literacy objectives on identity, behaviours and rewarding positive behaviour with the resources in this pack.


See what you could create

Why not take inspiration from George’s Marvellous Medicine and create a classroom of inventors with our ready-made volcano-making kit?

George mixing potions

Bring some big friendly fun to your lessons with these easy to make dream jars.

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