Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • About Apprenticeships
  • This short video will give you an overview of apprenticeships, end point assessment and the apprenticeship standards.

  • Understanding the Procurement Process for Apprenticeships
  • Are you wanting to understand how YPO procured and structured the apprenticeship framework this quick video should help answer your questions. Including information on call-offs, framework structure and procurement routes.

  • Adding Providers and Standards to the YPO Framework
  • This video will provide an overview of how standards are developed and approved by the Institute of Apprenticeships. It then details how YPO allows new providers and new ESFA standards to be added to the YPO framework on a quarterly basis, including details on the relevant timetables and how YPO attracts new providers to support developing the sector.

  • Why Should I use the YPO Framework?
  • YPO has now been supporting the public sector to procure apprenticeships for over 18months and in that time we have developed significant knowledge in the sector and supported both providers and contracting authorities. We have developed a simple and easy to use website for you to procure your standards, this short video provides details on how the YPO framework may help your organisation.

  • YPO Apprenticeships Framework Advice and Support
  • The YPO apprenticeship team can support you as much or as little as you like, we are available for meetings and calls to guide you through the process. This video discuss the ways in which we can help you procure from your local apprenticeship market.

  • Apprenticeship Pricing
  • The YPO framework has asked providers to provide costs for delivering apprenticeship standards, in this short video we will discuss how you can utilise the framework pricing and how it aligns to the banding costs.

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    Apprenticeship framework

    YPO has created a framework that gives contracting authorities access to both regional and national providers.

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    Apprenticeship Standard Search

    Search and procure apprenticeship standards...