Apprenticeships and Associated Training
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Apprenticeships and Associated Training

With the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, the majority of UK employers want to ensure they utilise their apprenticeship fund effectively – but did you know, there’s currently very few public sector procurement solutions in place to help you set up apprenticeship standards?

This is a huge challenge for public sector organisations as they try to purchase apprenticeship training that is compliant and good value for money. With this in mind, we’ve created a framework solution where public sector organisations can access apprenticeship standards through a range of local and national suppliers. All current apprenticeship standards are covered by the framework, and new standards, developed by trail-blazer groups, will be added to the framework as and when they’re released.


Apprenticeship search and procure standards

Apprenticeship framework 
The framework covers all apprenticeships that are listed by the Institute of Apprenticeships, such as business admin, team leader and senior leaders degree. Contracting Authorities are also able to procure end point assessment and associated training against each of the standards.


Each month we do an apprenticeship framework news update. Click here to view previous apprenticeship news articles.

For more information, please contact us on the following details:
Provider and contracting authorities: [email protected]

For providers interested in joining the framework, all documentation is available at:
Apprenticeship invest in your workforce CTA

Apprenticeship framework

YPO has created a framework that gives contracting authorities access to both regional and national providers.

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Apprenticeship Standard Search

Search and procure apprenticeship standards...

Apprenticeship FAQs CTA 2

Frequently asked questions

Find out what an apprenticeship is, why you need to procure apprentices through a contract or framework and more.

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About apprenticeships

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