Helping Wiltshire Council procure biomass
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Helping Wiltshire Council procure biomass

By Sam Johnson - Assistant Category Buyer for Energy at YPO

Biomass wood pellets


Wiltshire Council was looking for an assisted mechanism to procure a new contract to deliver wood pellet at a range of its sites, where biomass boilers are the main source of heating. The procurement process had to comply with public sector rules and the DPS provided by YPO was seen as an efficient and robust route to meeting the requirements.

The challenge

The council has 18 sites spread across the county that are reliant on biomass fuel for their heating. This includes critical sites such as schools and leisure centres. In the winter heating season, the requirement for regular and reliable deliveries of wood pellet are crucial in ensuring that the sites remain open and operational. Likewise, good quality pellet that meets the agreed standard and is free from contamination is also vital. The council needs a pellet supplier that is experienced and maintains high standards of service so that there are no heating system failures stemming from issues with the fuel.

The solution

YPO offered a solution that addressed many of the complex issues that the council had experienced with previous supply contracts. The solution, in the form of a further competition on a dynamic purchasing system (DPS), gave the council a chance to sharpen the exact specification to match its requirements and pin down exactly what the council didn’t want from a contract. YPO also offered a hands-on approach to the contract management, which provided added assurance that the council would be supported to tackle any other unforeseen issues that could crop up.

The experience

From the start, YPO was receptive and responsive to the council’s requirements, including working with a shorter than ideal timeframe for running the further competition. YPO was able to understand the council’s requirement and offered advice on ways that it could approach the further competition so that the council was better able to get tender responses to meet its specific needs, within a very tight timescale. YPO responded quickly to all questions that the council raised and was able to successfully guide the council through the whole process.

The result

The tender was completed in time for the new contact to slot in and start seamlessly, with no need to navigate a ‘between contracts’ period. By using the YPO Renewable Biomass DPS the council, with YPO’s support, was able to speed up the overall tender process, whilst remaining assured that all compliance requirements were adhered to. The further competition returned a choice of suppliers that were able to match the strict criteria the council had specified, and it was able to ensure that it had full control of the criteria that the tender was being assessed on. In doing so, the council is confident that the new contract will deliver the exact outcomes that were required in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, responsibility, and cost


If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Renewable Biomass framework and how can YPO can help, please get in touch with the team.