Technology and Communication | Multifunctional Devices (MFDs), Print and Digital Workflow Software Services and Managed Print Service Provision - RM6174
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Multifunctional Devices (MFDs), Print and Digital Workflow Software Services and Managed Print Service Provision - RM6174

Multifunctional Devices

This framework provides access to multifunctional devices, managed print services, technical resources, digital workflow, cloud solutions for digital transition and print consultancy services.


Framework includes 4 lots which provides equipment and services supporting the physical printing of documents right through to workflow and cloud solutions. 


There are 14 suppliers on this agreement.

How to buy

You can utilise this agreement via further competition and direct award. YPO offer to conduct a further competition on behalf of the buyer free of charge. For more information please email [email protected] or [email protected].

Further competition is available lots 2, 3 and 4. Direct award is available across lots 1, 2 and 4.

Before taking part in either a further competition or direct award, you will need to complete:

  • Framework schedule 6 (order form template)
  • The relevant call-off and joint schedules

YPO can run both a quote exercise to establish direct award prices or manage a further competition on your behalf using our e-tendering portal.


Direct award (available for lots 1, 2 and 4 only)

To award a call-off contract through direct award you should:

  • Develop a clear specification of your needs
  • Establish your direct award criteria using the Framework Schedule 7 Call Off Award Procedure (Annex A Direct Award Criteria)
  • Award your call-off contract by sending a completed and signed Framework schedule 6 to the successful supplier
  • You can do this electronically


Pricing and Specifications can be requested by emailing [email protected]

Period: 13 September 2021 - 12 September 2025
Extension Opportunities: TBC
OJEU Framework Notice: TBC
OJEU Award Notice: TBC
Geographic Coverage: National

Let us help:

Call us on 07580698044
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Free support available

The route to market for this solution is either a direct award or further competition and our experienced team are on hand to help you through every step of the process – offering practical advice and support when you need it.

Our free support includes:

Direct award support

   • Assessment of your needs and advice on the best approach
   • Market and supplier insights
   • Technical know-how on how to procure specific service, works or product
   • Compliance with the PCR2015
   • Assistance in the completion of the documentation
   • Advice on the call-off terms and conditions
   • Advice on the KPIs
   • Assistance with or management of the supplier pre-engagement

Further competition support

    • Assistance with or management of the supplier pre-engagement
    • Assistance and guidance in the drafting of the documentation, including the provision of template documents
    • Advice on the specification, including the provision of anonymised specifications
    • Advice on the award criteria, including sustainability to ensure compliance
    • Advertising the further competition on YPO’s e-tendering portal – ProContract, and full administration of the process, including clarification log management
             There are three ways to run a further competition via ProContract
                  1. YPO can administer the full end-to-end further competition process
                  2. Request temporary access to ProContract and run the further competition yourself or with our support
                  3. If you're a current user of ProContract you can access and use our solutions directly without our involvement. View the 'How to access YPO’s frameworks directly' user guide.
    • Running or supporting the evaluation process
    • Moderation of the evaluation process
    • Drafting/checking award and rejection letters, including provision of template documents

Standard documents available

   • Further competition template
Specification examples
   • Award questions examples
   • Pricing matrix
   • Award and rejection letters
   • Call-off contract terms and conditions


  • Lot 1 - Multifunctional Print Devices (MFDs) and Basic Print Management Software

    You can also buy from Ricoh’s customer portal -

  • Lot 2 - Multifunctional Print Devices (MFDs) Print Management and/or Digital Workflow

  • Lot 3 - Multifunctional Print Devices (MFDs), Print Management and/or Digital Workflow

  • Lot 4 - Print Consultancy Services


  • Ricoh - Framework Contract vs Non-framework Contract
    Framework contracts can provide value to customers in more ways than simply the headline price. In addition to having the support and protection of the framework body, many elements of value have been negotiated into public sector framework contracts for MFDs that are not standard in the normal commercial contracts. The total impact of these differences could be thousands of pounds per device over the life of a contract.



  • Top tips for safely using your printers and MFDs
    There's different ways to access your printers and other multi-functional devices (MFDs) and now that our new workplace environments are fully established, it’s important to know about them. Sharing a common touch screen isn't the most ideal choice at the moment, but there are more ways to access your MFDs all with the priority of limiting the spread of germs and reducing risks within the workplace.


Case studies:

  • Canon - Sellafield Ltd
    Given the scale of both Sellafield itself and the challenge of upgrading and maintaining its print facility – in a seamless, secure and sustainable way – Sellafield and Canon have worked together to build a dedicated on-site service team that covers all aspects of the Managed Print Service (MPS).


Open the Supplier Contact Spreadsheet to view the full list of suppliers including contact name, email and which lots they are in.



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