Top tips for a fun and engaging reading area
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Top tips for a fun and engaging reading area

03 May 2022 By The YPO Team

Teacher reading to children

The importance of separate reading environments can’t be underestimated when encouraging children to read more. Creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for children to read in can help encourage reading confidence and reading for enjoyment. Read our top tips on how to improve your reading areas and keep your class interested all year round.

Use book displays

Book displays help engage children in specific books and could also include displays such as ‘Books of the week’. This will show the front cover of both fiction and non-fiction books and will need to rotate once a week to keep pupils interested. Do this from an early age to keep them interested.

Create a vibrant, colourful library setting

Children’s libraries might incorporate breakout furniture, to encourage children to sit in a quiet and relaxing area. The more interesting the breakout furniture, the more engaging this is for children. Add different colours and textures to make the area fun and exciting. They can choose a book and sit down in a ‘hide-away’ seating and start reading.

Have a wide range of books available

Ensuring a library area has a good stock of books available, that are in good condition, is essential for the encouragement of reading for pleasure, with it being at the core of the new curriculum. The books could have additional support in the form of board games with written instructions, comics, letter games, even pen pals. This alternative form might sneak under the radar of children not interested in reading.

Make story time engaging

Have an area that is vibrant and interesting for story time where the children can sit down to engage in stories read by the teacher. This area can be in your school library or the classroom. Use colourful rugs and cushions for the younger children and create a cosy environment.  You could try introducing question time which can make story time more interactive for the children.

Try a themed library

Themed libraries can help catch the interest of children, using themes such as woodland, castle, or space. Introduce themed furniture, graphics, flooring and book displays, which can help give a focus and a topic for children to get excited by.

Work with local authors

Get in touch with local authors and try arranging special workshops where the author will read with the children and start work on creative writing. They can use the story of the book to create artwork, plays, and poems. 

Award systems

Introducing an award system or record of achievement can provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment for children for reading a story or completing a book/chapter.


If you’re interested in vibrant, fun, practical and engaging furniture that could transform any reading area, please visit the design section or our website or get in touch with our friendly furniture design team.


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