Furniture size guide for schools
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Furniture size guide for schools

20 May 2022 By Gemma Maw – Category Buyer for Furniture at YPO


Children are at school on average 7 hours a day, where most of that is spent within the classroom. With this in mind, it’s very important to ensure the chairs and tables used are the correct height and size to enable a comfortable learning environment.

With the pressure schools are under to ensure children have a well-equipped classroom, the furniture used needs to be appropriate to allow for a calm, comfortable environment that aids concentration, which can result in a better academic performance.

What is BSEN1729?

BSEN1729 is the European standard for school furniture, which was introduced in 2007 to ensure educational furniture is fit for purpose and suitable for children in educational settings.

BSEN1729 Part 1 - Functional Dimensions

This standard covers six size marks in relation to the ideal chair height and desk height relevant to the age of a child (based on average size of children per age category).

When choosing the correct chair size, it’s important to consider stature (overall measurement from feet to the top of the head) and the popliteal height (measurement from the floor to the seat).

When choosing the correct table size, it’s important to measure from a seated position with the upper and lower arm at a 90-degree angle. The measurement is from the elbow to the floor.

The chart below can be used as a guide for ordering the correct chair and table for height and age group.

size guide

For more guidance when measuring chairs watch the YPO video here. 

BSEN1729 Part 2 - covers Test Methods and Safety Requirements

This standard covers strength, durability and stability, which is updated to account for developments in the manufacturing processes and educational environments periodically.

We work with manufacturers and suppliers who have many years’ experience and knowledge of the furniture industry. Our educational chairs and tables are procured through a compliant tender procedure with strict quality guidelines. So, you can be confident that the items you’re buying are sourced with the best value in mind, are of a high quality and through a compliant route to market.


Want to explore our full range? You can view our full range of educational tables and chairs here. 

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