Are you prepared for Natasha's Law?
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Are you prepared for Natasha's Law?

15 March 2021 By Clare Stead - Senior Business Development Manager at Nutritics

Food preparation

Natasha’s Law is set to come into effect in October 2021 – food falling within a category called Pre-Packed for Direct Sale will require allergen labelling. This blog has been designed to provide support around the considerations you need to undertake.

Allergen Law is changing and Natasha’s Law may apply to your catering provision

From 1 October 2021, Natasha’s Law will apply to a category of food called Pre-Packed for Direct Sale (PPDS Foods). This blog post is to help you understand the changes coming into effect and determine if your service is implicated by the new requirements.

At present caterers only need to supply an allergen summary sheet and/or a notice if enquiries about allergenic ingredients are made. However, the introduction of Natasha’s Law in October 2021 means if caterers individually wrap and provide items that can be taken away and consumed where access to allergen information is not available, these items will then fall under the new rules meaning that allergen labels need to be applied to the packaging.


How and when the changes will apply?


Currently, the law does not require allergen information on PPDS packaging but from 1 October 2021, this category of food will need to have a label with a full ingredients list with allergenic ingredients emphasised.

The following information will need to be clearly displayed on the packaging: 

  • Name of the food 
  • Full ingredients list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised (for example in bold, italics or a different colour).

To allow catering establishments time to prepare for the new rules to be conformed to the change will not be brought into effect until 1st October 2021. This change in legislation is being introduced across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Does my business supply PPDS foods – what are they? 

These are foods which are packaged at the same place they are offered to the consumer. The food will already be presented in the packaging before it is ordered/selected. It can be food that a customer selects themselves and/or pre-wrapped products kept behind a counter and it can also include some food sold at mobile or temporary outlets.


This can be confusing so here are some examples:


PPDS food example:


A packaged sandwich or salad made by staff earlier in the day and placed on a shelf so it can be picked up for consumption and is determined by three criteria.


Three criteria to be PPDS food:


1. When it is packaged: PPDS food is packaged before the consumer selects or orders it. Any food that is not in packaging when it is ordered, or is loose and is packaged after being ordered, is not included

2. Where it is packaged: PPDS food is packaged at the same premises or at the site it is offered or sold to consumers. This includes: 

• food packaged by the same food business and sold at a temporary or mobile site, such as a food truck or market stall 
• the same food packaged and offered at different units in one building complex, such as an airport or shopping centre

3. How it is packed: PPDS food is in packaging which meets all the following criteria: 

• the food must be fully or partly enclosed by packaging
• the food cannot be altered without opening or changing the packaging in some way 

Useful links:


Find more information about these changes alongside FAQs and helpful resources on the UK Food Labelling Resource website.


Upcoming webinar:


Nutritics in association with YPO will be running a unique and free webinar for YPO framework members on Tuesday 13th April at 11am focused on helping you navigate the UK Food Amendment (Natasha’s Law) and supporting you in the changes ahead. Register here so you can receive expert and practical advice on how to prepare for the upcoming changes, alongside insightful follow up and support to ensure you are ready in time for the new rules.


About Nutritics


Nutritics is designed to support catering in schools, restaurants, canteens, clubs, public houses, hospitals, or similar establishments across a broad range of areas including Food Safety, Menu Management, Digital Ordering, Food Labelling and Nutrition Insights.


With “Natasha’s Law” coming into effect in October 2021, the role of technology is becoming critically important to comply with the new allergen and labelling requirements. Each establishment needs a partner that can both understand and fulfil their needs; Nutritics is uniquely positioned to deliver this.



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If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Electronic Communications and Kitchen Management framework and how can YPO can help, get in touch with the team!

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