Top tips for safely using your printers and MFDs
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Top tips for safely using your printers and MFDs

26 August 2020 By Zoe Morgan-Kriek - Category Buyer of ICT at YPO

printer multifunctional device

COVID-19 has changed the way we all work. Many of us are still working from home whilst others have returned to work, adhering to the workplace government guidelines. Ensuring your working environment is COVID secure encompasses all areas of the building, including shared devices such as printers.

There's different ways to access your printers and other multi-functional devices (MFDs) and now that our new workplace environments are fully established, it’s important to know about them. Sharing a common touch screen isn't the most ideal choice at the moment, but there are more ways to access your MFDs all with the priority of limiting the spread of germs and reducing risks within the workplace.

Below I’ve put together my top five tips on how you can still access your devices remotely from home, or if you’re back in the school building without needing to have any direct contact with the device itself. 

1. Remote functionality 
Remote functionality is available on a number of models usually via an app. I’ve been discussing this with Andy Haynes, our framework manager at Konica Minolta who advised their machines can be controlled via a tablet or smartphone to access the control panel remotely. With Konica you just need to download the Bizhub Remote Access app from the Apple Store or Google Play store.

2. Personal stylus
An alternative is to use a personal stylus to touch the MFD/printer control panel screen. Any stylus should be compatible, and this will limit the contact for you and other users.

3. MFD/printer voice control 
Many models now have voice control activated on the devices. Check with your current supplier if this is activated – an alternative way of managing indirect use.

4. Remote scanning from a smart phone
Some models do support this via Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. Konica are happy to provide more information of how their devices support this functionality.

5. Automatic release of print when you authenticate using your ID card
Many establishments now use pin or card authentication for secure access to their MFD/printer devices. The additional benefit of card access is minimising contact with the actual device as the cards don’t need to touch the device.

For more information on how the team can help with your printer and MFD requirements, please get in touch at [email protected]

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