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Building in Use - Support Services DPS - 879

CCTV camera

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) framework for the provision of support services (occasionally referred to as 'hotel services') for a building that is already in operation.

This framework is suitable for your smaller ad-hoc service requirements and is also a commonly used option for outsourced service provision. The framework consists of several lots; catering, cleaning and caretaking, security and reception, CCTV (inclusive of remote monitoring), car park management, mobile patrols and key holding, food hygiene inspection, waste management and finally a 'whole house' option to accommodate all or several of the above.

As this framework is a DPS it is open to and suitable for both national and regional suppliers throughout its entire duration and is consequently a flexible option for all public sector organisations, particularly local authorities, schools, colleges and universities.


If you're enquiring for a school, please contact the dedicated education team: [email protected]

Period: 01 August 2018 - 31 July 2025
Extension Opportunities: Not applicable
OJEU Framework Notice: 2018/S 103-235629
OJEU Award Notice: Not applicable
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • YPO can fully manage the customer’s further competition (call-off) process if required.

  • Flexibility to respond to changes in the market and offer local suppliers/providers and SME’s the opportunity to bid and be awarded to the DPS.

  • Suppliers/providers not meeting the minimum standard for admittance onto the DPS can resubmit.

  • Reduced timescales – customers do not need to run a full OJEU procurement if procuring via the DPS.

  • Assured supplier standards – suppliers/providers appointed onto the DPS are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability.

  • Aggregation of spend - customers will receive the benefits of the aggregated spend volume and increased leverage in the market.

  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – when awarding contracts customers have the option to use YPO’s call-off terms and conditions as established and previewed by
    eligible suppliers/providers, their own terms and conditions, JCT or NEC suite of contracts.

Free support available

The route to market for this solution is via a further competition and our experienced team are on hand to help you through every step of this process – offering practical advice and support when you need it.

Our free support includes:

Further competition support

    • Assistance with or management of the supplier pre-engagement
    • Assistance and guidance in the drafting of the documentation, including the provision of template documents
    • Advice on the specification, including the provision of anonymised specifications
    • Advice on the award criteria, including sustainability to ensure compliance
    • Advertising the further competition on YPO’s e-tendering portal – ProContract, and full administration of the process, including clarification log management
             There are three ways to run a further competition via ProContract
                  1. YPO can administer the full end-to-end further competition process
                  2. Request temporary access to ProContract and run the further competition yourself or with our support
                  3. If you're a current user of ProContract you can access and use our solutions directly without our involvement. View the 'How to access YPO’s frameworks directly' user guide.
    • Running or supporting the evaluation process
    • Moderation of the evaluation process
    • Drafting/checking award and rejection letters, including provision of template documents

Standard documents available

   • Further competition template
Specification examples
   • Example award questions
   • Pricing matrix
   • Award and rejection letters
   • Call-off contract terms and conditions


  • Lot 1 - Catering Services
    Provision of materials, staff and/or infrastructure to serve food and drinks.

  • Lot 2 - Cleaning and Caretaking
    Provision of materials, staff and/or infrastructure to carry out cleaning services.

  • Lot 3 - Security and Reception
    Provision of staff and/or infrastructure to provide security services and front of house reception duties.

  • Lot 4 - CCTV including Remote Monitoring
    Provision of staff and/or infrastructure to provide CCTV for customer monitoring or supplier monitoring either on site or remotely.

  • Lot 5 - Car Park Management
    Provision of staff and/or infrastructure to provide car park management including access control, cash collection and management of vehicles including issuing of penalties and removal of vehicles

  • Lot 6 - Mobile Patrols and Key Holding
    Provision of staff and vehicles to carry out mobile patrols of premises and provide key holding service for out of hours access.

  • Lot 7 - Food Hygiene Inspection
    Provide food inspection hygiene services and report on findings with options for corrections of any identified issues.

  • Lot 8 - Waste Management
    Provide staff and/or infrastructure for the management and removal of waste products or materials including confidential waste and provide certification of its legal disposal. 

  • Lot 9 - Whole House
    Provide staff and or infrastructure to manage the entire needs of the customer within their premises or other locations as required, to include elements of the above schedule but not limited to these. 

To view the Building in Use Support Services supplier list, please click here.

“Our new provider is doing a great job. Moving on from the framework was a smooth transition through the staff TUPE process and contract signing. All in all the whole experience was a very positive one and I would like to thank YPO for the support in making this happen.” 
Beckfoot Thornton

“The team at YPO were highly knowledgeable about the processes required to be compliant when running a threshold level (OJEU) tender, as well as supporting the onboarding of new suppliers, and advising on the completion of certain documents. I am already looking forward to the next DPS tender I will be running with the YPO team. This experience has confirmed my previous beliefs that the DPS process should be increased in its use across all PBO’s and procurement managers alike.” 
Inspiration Trust

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