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Start-Bee and YPO 
Increasing numbers of research studies show school children who can write legibly and fluently are able to access the entire education curriculum more efficiently than those who cannot. Writing with automaticity enables the individual to focus on the content of their writing and not the act of making their writing legible.

Welcome to Start-Bee, in partnership with YPO, an interactive handwriting scheme with proven results.

In schools today, handwriting is more important than ever before.  Why? because the Department of Education (DfE), through the Standards & Testing Agency (2016 teaching assessment exemplification:  end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 English Writing) and OFSTED, is insisting every child masters fluent and legible handwriting before they leave primary school.

What is Start-Bee?
Start-Bee’s Handwriting Scheme for schools combines pre-recorded e-lessons with practical exercises, stationery and specialist equipment to make the teaching and learning of handwriting effortless, enjoyable and exceed expectations.
Designed in conjunction with infant and primary school teachers, Start-Bee’s Handwriting Scheme for schools has been designed to effectively bring a Start-Bee handwriting specialist into the classroom by delivering prepared lessons via the web.  The delivery of the handwriting programmes is placed in the expert hands of a Start-Bee peer-to-peer tutor, leaving teachers free to guide and direct the pupils rather than teach the class.
With Start-Bee any teacher, regardless of skill or expertise, can teach a handwriting lesson to a consistent standard.  It’s an approach that has been proven to deliver the right results, every time.
“Every school that delivers Start-Bee Handwriting Scheme, in whichever year group, notes an improvement in their children’s Legibility and Fluency. Its so easy to measure and assess your schools handwriting for as little as £120 with the Start-Bee Handwriting Assessment Toolkit.”  
Melanie Harwood (Founder of Start-Bee)

“Our children love Start-Bee and very quickly, within three weeks, have shown improvements. Start-Bee’s systematic approach is what makes it so effective. As a result, the profile of handwriting in our school has increased in key stage assessments.”
Mrs Davinder Khangura, Assistant Headteacher 
“A previous OFSTED Inspection highlighted inconsistencies in our teaching of writing, including handwriting, which resulted in the school being graded as RI (Requires Improvement). The issue we had and still have is that many of our teachers have not been trained to teach handwriting so, like most schools, we were using an off-the-shelf handwriting scheme as part of our school’s handwriting policy. The problem was the scheme wasn’t all-encompassing and, with basic elements missing, teachers, who were less experienced in teaching the subject, struggled to use it. Start-Bee does not require our teachers to be handwriting specialists or specially trained to implement its programmes. So far, the results at Down Hall have been outstanding. I cannot recommend Start-Bee highly enough.”
Mrs Lou Nelson, Headteacher, Down Hall Primary School, Essex
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