We can help with adapting the learning environment

We can help with...

Adapting the learning environment

Getting premises ready

There might be a lot to do to get your premises ready and suitable for the new challenges schools and other businesses face but we have a range of solutions to support you.  
Our experienced furniture design team are on hand to help with any classroom redesigns you require. We can also help you update your outdoor learning spaces with our exciting range of products.

Looking for compact and hygienic furniture options? We have recommended the below, or you can view all here

Adapting learning environments

Adapting Learning Environment Guides

The YPO Furniture Department's Design Team have prepared some helpful downloadable documents to assist you in adapting your learning environments.

The Cosy Collection at YPO

The Cosy Collection at YPO

Discover our exciting range of products designed to make your outdoor spaces engaging and stimulating for children.

Redeem your loyalty voucher

Yet to redeem your loyalty voucher?

We have some good news! All our loyalty vouchers for existing customers have been extended until 30 September 2020, so you will be able to use these against your orders.

Capita FMS Web Services

Capita FMS Web Services

Use the YPO website to build a basket and have it import direct into FMS, once you authorise and print the order, the order is sent back electronically to YPO in just those two clicks!