Introduction to Framework options
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Introduction to Framework options

Business Support

Your people are your most valuable asset, so making sure your HR systems, insurance and other support services are effective will help you to retain and protect them. We have access to some of the best recruiters, financial and support services in the country.


  • We create bespoke solutions to meet your needs
  • Knowledge sharing through regular newsletters, events and webinars
  • Variety of service options available nationwide

For more information on our Business Support offering, please click here.  


Contracts, billing and communications with your energy supplier should be simple and straightforward. We help MAT’s achieve significant savings on tariffs and management fees by centralising electricity and water contracts. You might even be considering renewable energy. We can provide access to service agreements for electricity, lighting, solar panels, biomass fuels and much more.


  • Typical savings of 10% compared to the average market rate
  • Low cost automated readings to identify and eliminate energy waste
  • Online portals to monitor consumption
  • YPO makes buying your energy simple - we deal with the utility companies on your behalf
  • YPO can assist you with your funding applications
  • Bill validation service - free to MATs
  • Knowledge sharing through monthly newsletters, events and webinars
  • Assist MATs in reducing VAT and Climate Change Levy liability
  • Not-for-profit organisation
  • Free support and advice fromYPO’s procurement experts
  • Free benchmarking
  • A dedicated account management team
  • Access to CPDs and MAT forums
  • Loyalty scheme for academies
  • Nationwide service agreements
  • Over 40 years’ experience in the education sector

For more information on our Energy offering, please click here

Facilities Management

Combining high capital expenditure with complex building and safety regulations can often make for challenging procurements. We’ve developed agreements that can help you design, build, refurbish and maintain your buildings and grounds.


  • Covering a wide range of products and services, the FM team really can supply everything needed to run a site effectively
  • Over 2 million smoke alarms purchased through YPO’s service agreement between 2013 - 2016
  • Our suppliers can offer bespoke solutions to meet your individual MAT requirements
  • Offers flexibility to buy the products you need, using suppliers and brands you can trust
  • Knowledge sharing through regular events and monthly newsletters
  • Our service agreements include manufacturers and their entire distribution network, ensuring certainty of supply and nationwide coverage

For more information on our Facilities Management offering, please click here.  

Food & Catering

It’s likely all your academies have many different suppliers that provide a range of food and catering services. Some might already be providing fresh, locally-sourced food and others might not. Through a YPO service agreement you could even access the same suppliers, but at a much better price. You could also explore new options and suppliers that might better meet your needs.


  • We work with 45 suppliers across all food service agreements
  • We can offer bespoke, made to measure solutions
  • All types of food available nationwide
  • We can supply catering equipment, utensils, disposables and workwear
  • Offers flexibility to buy the products you need, using suppliers and brands you can trust
  • Working in partnership with leading organisations including LACA and the Children’s Food Trust

For more information on our Food & Catering offering, please click here.  


Across your MAT you might have 10, 20, 100 or thousands of different ICT systems or processes in place, all with critical roles to play in managing the everyday running of your academies. We’re committed to staying current and helping you keep up to speed with the latest technologies.


  • Simple to use portal to procure your IT hardware and software
  • Extensive range of suppliers and products available
  • Benefit from combined buying power through our collaborative agreements
  • Dedicated portal to purchase or lease photocopiers
  • Pre defined terms and conditions

For more information on our IT offering, please click here.