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Pentel EnerGel X Retractable Rollerball Pen, Assorted Colours - Pack of 12


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Key Features:
•EnerGel Ink - low-viscosity, smooth-flowing and quick-drying
•0.7mm tip, 0.35mm line width (medium)
•Rollerball – consistent, free ink flow and no skipping for quick and stress-free work
•Pack of 12 – 5 assorted colours

Pentel EnerGel X Retractable Rollerball Pens are ideal for general everyday use and specialist use alike, thanks to their unique patented EnerGel ink and impeccable design. Featuring a 0.7mm tip that generates a medium 0.35mm line width, your writings will appear as bold and vivid as they are legible, with minimal smudging and skipping compared to other types of ink. Whether for business or pleasure, the Pentel EnerGel X provides a satisfying experience every time.

EnerGel Ink
Liquid gel ink is an attractive and practical ink for general and specialist use alike. It looks and feels similar to that of fountain pens, releasing with a smooth, vivid and clear look that stands out.

EnerGel is a liquid gel ink unique to Pentel, with many revolutionary properties to make it superior to other gel inks on the market. With low viscosity, the EnerGel formula will flow smoother for quick and easy writing with minimal effort, as well as dry much quicker to reduce smudging on hands and paper. The fast drying makes it perfect for left handers too!

As the Pentel EnerGel X is a rollerball pen, you can expect a consistent, free flow that doesn’t skip like oil-based ballpoint pens. Rollerball pens are designed to write fluidly with minimal pressure, helping reduce tiredness and cramping of the hand, and increasing the efficiency of your writing.

The Pentel EnerGel X is designed for those who wish to work quickly and easily or for long periods of time. This is exemplified by the quick drying and smooth flowing ink, which stops you from having to go over your work filling in bits where ink has skipped. There is minimal effort or pressure required for those working long hours in the office, or children who may have tired hands at the end of the school day, or simply get satisfaction out of bolder, free-flowing inks.

As liquid gel ink is more water and age resistant than oil-based inks, these pens are ideal for school essays or important work notes. As the ink will make lines appear thicker and bolder for a more stand-out look, they are also ideal for letter-writing, greetings cards, and elsewhere you wish to make an impression.

Medium Line Width
Designed with a 0.7mm tip generating a 0.35mm medium line width, the Pentel EnerGel X is suitable for general use, and a versatile middle ground for work that needs to be bold yet clearly readable. Whether writing, drawing, taking notes, making shopping lists or completing crosswords, these pens are a pleasure to use and will help you relax stress-free or work as hard as you need!

The design incorporates a soft latex grip for your comfort, and will help you retain a consistent pen grip when writing for long periods or with sweaty hands. The transparent barrel allows you to monitor how much ink remains, which can be conveniently refilled to save money and reduce plastic waste.

As a retractable clickable pen, there are no caps to lose, and the nib is always protected from damage when on the go. Your chances of ink spillage or accidental markings are also greatly reduced with a retractable pen!

Colours Included
The assortment of five gorgeous colours allows you to colour code your large projects, revision notes, lists and more.
•3 x Black
•3 x Violet
•2 x Blue
•2 x Pink
•2 x Sky Blue

Made from 84% recycled material (based on total weight of pen excluding ink and refill). .

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