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YPO Drywipe Marker Fine Tip Pk200


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Key Features:
• YPO value - high quality at a low price
• Drywipe - suitable on whiteboards and other drywipe surfaces
• Tough, durable nibs that last
• Bold, smooth ink for easy writing and stand-out results
• Fine tips - for precise work, finer details, and more legible writing

YPO Fine Tip Whiteboard Pens carefully balance quality with price to ensure the best value for your school. Designed specifically for general classroom use, this classpack of 200 is the perfect way to save money in both the short and long term thanks to the durable nibs and long-lasting inks.

Quality Without the Price Tag
Despite a low price, YPO Whiteboard Pens are of exceptional quality, with bold, smooth ink and tough nibs that effortlessly glide across the surface of a whiteboard. Every marking will flow from each pen precisely as intended, leaving marks that are legible from across the classroom for a stress-free teaching and learning experience.

Compared to premium alternatives, standard YPO Whiteboard Pens are perfect for general – often sparse – classroom use with mature primary school children, where additional quality and cost would do nothing for lifespan or function. Premium pens are instead best for younger children who may be rougher with pens or leave lids off, or those using whiteboards quite often. Cheaper alternatives on the other hand are normally better suited to general home or office use and more susceptible to damage in the classroom - which will cost you more money in the long run.

The pens are manufactured with tough nibs for a better suitability to the academic environment, as they are able to withstand the higher pressure applied by children without splaying and becoming unusable before their time. They also provide greater accuracy than softer nibs; as do the fine tips, which are best for handwriting, calculations and diagrams where precision is required, as well as longer answers that require additional space. Despite a fine tip, the pens have a broad body for easy grip and control by children who may not have fully developed fine motor skills.

As drywipe pens, the ink will easily wipe off a whiteboard with no need for water or chemicals, and will not leave unsightly stains or marks behind. Any accidental marks can be cleaned from surfaces like tables and chairs too, ensuring whiteboards – as well as your furniture – last a long time.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

For a smaller pack of 10, please see 716812

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By Anonymous, Unknown on 06/05/2021

We have purchased these before and they are great quality however, I am still waiting on my recent purchase of the item.

By Anonymous, Unknown on 21/06/2016

Very good value for money

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