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YPO Play Sand, Non-Toxic – 15kg Bag

  • YPO Play Sand, Non-Toxic – 15kg Bag

YPO Play Sand is a consistent, high-quality, non-toxic sand made specifically for play. The ultra-fine, natural silica grains have been carefully processed for optimum safety, feel and fun to ensure 100% satisfaction for teachers, parents and children alike.

Ultimate Safety
The sand has been processed to ensure non-hazardous grain size distribution and a superb purity of 99% silicon dioxide. It has also been pressure washed to remove any dangerous residue for a cleaner and safer product perfect for play. This means it will not harm a child if accidentally ingested, and is suitable for use in nurseries, schools or the home.

Teachers and parents will be pleased to learn the sand is non-stain, and can be used within sandpits, long jump pits or AstroTurf pitches without causing damage to clothing. A large 15kg bag is also the perfect size for such applications.

The purity and grain size also make the sand consistent in look and feel. The gorgeous golden colour really brings the beach home - and all the happy memories with it - whilst the soft, satisfying feel makes for calming sensory play. The fine grains will easily mould, sieve and filter through the fingers without interfering clumps for a fun and relaxing experience

The Importance of Sensory Play
Playing with sand is great for early years where sensory play is essential for cognitive development, although at any age sand expands the imagination in the absence of boundaries common with other toys and games. SEN pupils may also find YPO Play Sand to be a calming and reassuring stimulus, and it is therefore highly recommended in a variety of settings.

Conforms to BS EN 1177

For the same product in alternate colours, please see the following: Purple - 801281; Pink - 801280; Orange - 801282; Green - 801279

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