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Fine Glitter, Holographic Colours, 60g - Pack of 6


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Key Features:
• Fun for any craft project
• Fine glitter – more professional, flatter look than alternative glitter flakes
• Shaker tub for easy and controlled dispensing that reduces waste
• Assortment of holographic colours
• 6 x 60g Tubs

Easy to dispense, great value, and lots of fun for children and adults alike, fine glitter is an essential in your arts and crafts repertoire! Watch your projects sparkle and come to life with an unbeatable professional-looking finish – only with fine glitter.

Fine Flakes
Fine glitter is far smaller than standard glitter flakes, allowing it to create a more seamless look by comparison. The fine appearance therefore gives your arts and crafts a professional finish, with flatter and richer-looking patterns that blend in with the rest of the piece compared to standard, bulky glitter flakes.

Finer flakes are also easier to dispense into small phials for even more precise use or for sharing.

Thanks to the seamless, professional look, fine glitter is ideal for those wanting to apply a subtle, shiny finish to their projects with great precision, such as in card-making, bespoke arts and crafts, and small business use. Despite this, children and beginners will also enjoy using fine glitter and feel pride in the impressive works of art they can create.

This pack contains 6 jars of glitter in some of the most popular holographic colours so there is always something for everyone - no matter the project. The glitter is just as colourful, bright and shiny as the more expensive varieties, and will hold exceptionally well when glued onto paper, card or fabric. This versatility makes it perfect for arts & crafts, textiles and D&T projects, and an essential in schools and professional environments as a result. Whether crafting greetings cards or costumes, this glitter is sure to get imaginations going!

This particular glitter is holographic, meaning that it glistens in the light to create an eye-catching rainbow effect that looks unique from every angle. Holographic glitter is sure to wow children and adults alike, proving fascinating to children who will take pride in by what they have created, and leaving teachers and parents amazed by what they see.

Although it can be used year-round, holographic glitter really captures the spirit of Christmas, and can be used alongside other festive accessories or decorations without clashing.

Easy to Use
Children will not only adore decorating with glitter, but find it easy to use too! Each shaker tub flips open for easy and controlled dispensing so children can simply pour the glitter wherever they need to add some decorative sparkle – and with exceptional accuracy. This also reduces mess and waste to save you money.

The jars are also designed for safe use, as they are made from plastic and therefore break resistant compared to glass alternatives. They will fasten tightly so the glitter doesn’t spill, and can even be used to store other resources when finished!

Colours Included:
•Laser Blue .

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