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Berol Colourbroad Colouring Pens, Assorted Colours - Box of 288 .


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Key Features:
• New design broad fibre tip for bold, impactful lines – 1.7mm line width
• Steady ink flow to produce a balanced colour laydown
• Washable ink
• Ventilated cap for safety in the classroom
• 2 Week cap off life
• Pack of 288 - 24 x 12 assorted colours

Berol Colourbroad Colouring Pens are a premium option designed specifically for children and perfect for the classroom. With hard-wearing round-ended fibre tips, long-lasting ink that won’t dry out, and lively, attention-grabbing colours, children will be as amazed with their quality as teachers are with their value. This classpack of 288 assorted pens is perfect for schools looking to save money without compromising on quality.

Bulk Savings
As a huge classpack of 288, there are more than enough pens to last the whole school year or longer, and enough of each colour to share between tables or groups. The handy cardboard box in which the pens are supplied also contains a storage compartment for each colour, saving you money on alternative storage solutions.

Each pack contains 24 pens of 12 popular, vibrant colours, specially selected to excite a child’s eye and incorporate the colours they encounter everyday in the world around them. There will be no limit to their creativity with the variety of colours included, which are sure to make a page pop with their vibrancy

Broad Body and Broad Tip
The pens have a broad body so smaller hands can hold and control the pen with ease and improve their fine motor skills. They are the ideal introduction to colouring for children whose skills are not yet refined for thinner, standard sized pens, such as nursery and primary school children

Alongside this, the broad nib is suited to younger children who don’t require great precision. Although suitable for all types of drawing, writing and mark making, they are best for covering large areas quickly, which makes colouring in faster and more fun for children. Outlines and text will also stand out with the thick 1.7mm line width produced

Superior Quality
Berol Pens are a well-liked and trusted staple in classrooms thanks to their legacy of quality. With durable fibre tips, the pens can withstand the high pressure often exerted by children when colouring in, and will provide steady ink flow to produce a balanced colour laydown. This will help avoid the frustration that comes with cheaper pens, and make colouring a more satisfying and relaxing activity for children. Teachers and parents can also relax in the knowledge that the inks are washable and everyone’s clothes are safe!

For Younger Children
With broad tips, a broad body, washable ink, durable nibs and easy to remove caps, Berol Colourbroad make a great entry level colouring pen for children aged 36 months or older

Not only this, but the pens are guaranteed to last longer than cheaper alternatives with a huge 2-week cap off life! As children may not always replace caps correctly, this is a big money-saver for schools on a budget.

The ventilated caps have also been designed with children in mind, drastically reducing the risk of asphyxiation if accidentally swallowed.

Colours Included:
• 24 x Black
• 24 x Dark Blue
• 24 x Light Blue
• 24 x Dark Green
• 24 x Light Green
• 24 x Yellow
• 24 x Orange
• 24 x Pink
• 24 x Red
• 24 x Brown
• 24 x Grey
• 24 x Purple

For the same product in alternate pack sizes, please see the following: Pack of 12 - 723991; Tub of 42 - 723993 Pack of 288 - assorted

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