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YPO Premium Colouring Pencils, Assorted Colours – Pack of 12


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Key Features:
• Premium quality standard sized colouring pencils at a value price
• Resilient, long-lasting leads
• Soft leads with excellent, smooth coverage
• Pack of 12 assorted colours

YPO Premium Colouring Pencils are designed to provide the same quality as the leading brand whilst maintaining a great value price! Manufactured at just a few pence per piece, 100% satisfaction is assured with each and every YPO own brand pencil.

A Practical Choice
Looking to switch to a cheaper brand without sacrificing quality? Order this low-priced pack of 12 to test out our premium range of colouring pencils without any risk.

A pack of 12 pencils is the perfect size for personal use, smaller classes or for those who don’t colour too often, as well as for replacing worn down or missing pencils in your existing classpack. It is also always a good idea to keep a few spare packs of 12 around if any last minute mid-term replenishments are required.

By choosing individual packs over a bulk box of pencils, you only pay for what you need and it is easier to share pencils between tables or groups, guaranteeing each gets equal resources without the time and effort of counting manually.

Each pack contains 12 popular, vibrant colours, specially selected to reflect the full spectrum that children will encounter in their everyday life. This will give them the freedom to draw whatever they can imagine, with no bounds to hold back their creativity.

Excellent Quality
YPO Premium Colouring Pencils are infamous for their high-quality soft leads that provide excellent coverage and make colouring more accurate to the user’s intentions, with the ability to grade and shade as desired. Children will find colouring in more satisfying and relaxing as a result, whereas more serious artists will benefit from the ability to add finer detail with precision and use a wider range of techniques. All leads are also strong and vibrant in colour, producing beautiful, impactful effects.

Compared to cheaper alternatives, YPO’s premium pencils are far more resilient and resistant to breakage, meaning the high pressure exerted by young children will not affect lifespan, and artists can add pressure for a darker tone with no reluctance.

With less breakable leads also comes less sharpening, so your pencils can last much longer in even the toughest academic environments. In fact, the expected lifespan of each pencil is an impressive 5 years, assuring value for money for both the hobbyist and serious artist alike.

For All Ages
Pencils are not just for kids! At standard size, the pencil body shape is easy to grip for all hand sizes - whether you are a child, parent, teacher, artist or hobbyist, these colouring pencils are suitable for all (3+).

Colours Included:
• Yellow
• Peach
• Orange
• Red
• Pink
• Light Blue
• Dark Blue
• Purple
• Light Green
• Dark Green
• Brown
• Black

Please note these colouring pencils are suitable for ages 3+.

For the same pencils in different pack sizes, please see the following: Pack of 24 - 707963; Pack of 144 - 707964; Pack of 288 - 707965 Pack of 12

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