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Craft BioGlitter, Eco-Friendly, Assorted Colours - Pack of 6 x 60g


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Key Features:
• All the beauty of glitter without harming the environment
• 92% plastic free
• Biodegrades within 28 days
• Made from natural, biodegradable, non-toxic materials
• Vibrant colour and shine from natural resin, pigments and aluminium
• 4 x less usage needed with Craft Bio-Glitter™

Craft Bioglitter® is an eco-friendly, plant-derived alternative to traditional plastic-based glitter used in arts and crafts. It has been developed to tackle the urgent issue of microplastic pollution, and uses only the most reflective and vibrant natural materials to ensure it remains colourful, bright, shiny - and most of all - fun! Allow children to enjoy glitter completely guilt-free and without sacrifice; only with Bioglitter.

Intelligent Composition

Bioglitter is comprised of various natural and biodegradable materials that have been specially selected and intelligently manufactured to assume the appearance of traditional polyester-based glitter. This starts with a completely unique cellulose core derived from PEFC certified hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus, which is then coated with natural resin and pigments that are non-toxic to the environment and help give Bioglitter its vibrant colour. The composition also includes earth’s brightest material, aluminium, to give Bioglitter its brilliant shine.

Bioglitter has been tested and proven to biodegrade in natural environments such as rivers, lakes, and soil, as well as man-made environments such as compost and waste-water. It takes 28 days for Bioglitter to biodegrade, although wet and warm conditions and higher concentrations of microbes will speed up the process. This is because biodegradation occurs when microorganisms digest the Bioglitter and transform it into harmless substances such as water, carbon dioxide and biomass. Contrary to popular belief, Bioglitter does not simply dissolve in water and requires the presence of microbes to biodegrade, as is the standard for biodegradable products.

Although the cellulose core is biodegradable in the natural environment, aluminium and various pigments make up the small percentage of non-biodegradable contents. This however does not mean they are bad for the planet; aluminium is earth’s most abundant metallic element, and is neither toxic nor ecotoxic, and the pigments that are used for colour are also natural and will therefore cause no harm to the environment or its inhabitants.

Using and Storing Bioglitter
Bioglitter has been developed to perform the same function as traditional glitter in arts and crafts environments, with new standards set for the demands of today’s world. It can be safely used in nurseries, schools or the home, and is free of the 14 common food allergens so all children can join in the fun! Bioglitter also allows full artworks to be recycled when used on paper or card, unlike traditional glitter that would sentence the whole artwork to landfill unless painstakingly scraped off the page. Compared to plastic craft glitter, Bioglitter goes 4 times further weight for weight, and is considerably brighter in appearance - save money and resources for your school whilst saving the planet!

Due to the biodegrading process, Bioglitter will not biodegrade on the shelf when stored correctly and without exposure to microogranisms. Please store in a cool, dry, dark place, out of direct sunlight and direct heat. Bioglitter has an indefinite shelf life, although use within 3 years is recommended to ensure top quality. The plastic dispenser can be recycled once empty.

• 1 x Gold
• 1 x Silver
• 1 x Sky Blue
• 1 x Green
• 1 x Red
• 1 x Pink

Please note: Craft Bioglitter is NOT suitable for use in cosmetics, personal care, festival, nail & body art. It is also NOT edible. 87% biodegradation reached in 28 days. Plastic content: 8%.

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