Home to School app adapts for safer travel during COVID-19
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Home to School app adapts during COVID-19

By Rhian Binns, PR and Communications Manager - Education

Home to school app


Developers of the Home to School app, Vectare, have adapted software to make school journeys safer for children across the UK in the context of Covid-19.

Vectare, a transport consultancy and app developer, initially designed the Home to School app in 2019 to help parents monitor their children’s journeys on school buses. Featuring alerts and automated messages, the app uses real-time tracking to notify schools and parents of delays, route changes and absences. These updates are shared via the app, which is available on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

In reaction to the coronavirus outbreak, Vectare has adapted the Home to School app to support social distancing measures on school bus services. 

In the latest app update, capacity onboard buses can be monitored and capped to support social distancing on board each journey. Track and Trace capabilities have also been integrated into the software to create student by student contact reports, sending GDPR compliant notifications to parents if a student or driver reports symptoms.

Contactless RFID smartcards are used to register participating students and validate permission to travel, enabling automatic safeguarding and revenue protection with minimal driver to passenger interaction. 

YPO, one of the UK’s largest public sector buying organisations, was the first to bring Vectare’s Home to School app to market and has supported the award-winning consultancy in adapting its services for schools.

Martin Armytage, Head of Education at YPO, said: 

“YPO has adapted all of its operations to support schools and the wider public sector during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst the organisation has prioritised key product-led services for cleaning, hygiene, PPE and food products in recent weeks, we are dedicated to directing customers to new and unique solutions. 

The latest version of the Home to School app from Vectare is a fantastic example of this approach to procurement and we encourage schools to get in touch with us and find out more.”

Dominic Kalantary, Director of Vectare, added:

“YPO have been a great support in introducing us to the public sector and challenging us to adapt to current market conditions. Anticipating the long term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has enabled us to create an innovative solutions for families across the UK. We’re looking forwards to working with more schools in the months to come.”

YPO is owned by 13 local government member authorities and supports the public sector across a wide variety of purchasing requirements, from energy to fleets and IT solutions.

Further information regarding the Home to School app can be found at ypo.co.uk/hometoschool