To infinity...and beyond!
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To infinity...and beyond!

19 March 2021 By Rachael Lythe - Category Buyer for Curriculum at YPO

superhero outfits

As the excitement of a very different Christmas for us all is now a distant memory, the start of 2021 has seen us all face another difficult time. The pressure on our NHS has been at a critical stage, many businesses remain closed, our high streets aren’t bustling with people and our schools were forced to close for a second time, with many parents resuming to home schooling.

But 2021 has also brought us a new feeling of hope, a feeling many of us had possibly lost as every day over the past year felt either the same or worse in so many ways as our lives changed forever. Our feelings and emotions form a huge part of our health and wellbeing both physically and mentally and that can impact on how we behave, act and express ourselves.

I need a hero!

Throughout 2020 despite not being able to see our families and friends as much as we normally would, we adapted to new ways of communicating through online chats, we drew coloured rainbows and put them in our windows, showed how much we care for others by getting a neighbour some food or just picking up the phone more to hear a friend’s voice and ask how they are.

Whilst the pandemic has brought us sadness and fear it has also brought a lot of us closer together. 2021 has seen “Clap for Carers” return as “Clap for Heroes” founded by Annmarie Plas, a very special yet simple way of uniting together once again. However, with a new, different meaning!

Superheroes have captured our imaginations for many years on the big screens for children and adults alike so who is your favourite? And should they wear a cape to be our hero? Or can our hero be anyone? I have found that alongside my favourite superhero Bridget Jones, I have many other heroes who maybe I didn’t realise were my heroes until now. My best friend who works in intensive care at our local hospital, the staff at my local supermarket who have made it safe for me to get food, the postman for making sure our deliveries still arrived on time, my big sister who is always there via WhatsApp video, my husband to be who has given me a cuddle when I’ve needed to just let those tears out and of course the teachers and other school staff who have worked so hard to ensure children continue to be educated during incredibly challenging times.

As children adjust back into the classroom what better way to reflect and learn about respect, acceptance of change, kindness, maybe even anger, than by asking them who their hero is? Many will have experienced a whirlwind of different feelings and emotions they may never have felt before, some may be dealing with loss and changes at home which they can express through their hero! How did their hero help them and make them feel? Children can share their experiences both visually and through words by writing a story about them for reflection.

At YPO we would love to see and hear about your children’s heroes, so please share them with us by sending to [email protected], we might even feature some in our next edition

If you enjoyed this blog and would like to read others like it, it features in our Everything Curriculum Magazine edition 9. Each edition is centralised around a chosen theme, you can sign up to receive future magazines digitally or access our previous editions here.

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