The benefits of a well designed staff room
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The benefits of a well designed staff room

21 September 2021 By Sam Watling – Project Manager, Furniture and Design Team at YPO

Staff room

Having worked with many different schools over the years, the YPO design team have project managed the supply and installation of furniture within a whole host of different staff rooms.

 We appreciate that not only is the wellbeing of students imperative; but also, the staffs’ wellbeing. Throughout the pandemic teachers have served our schools as front-line key workers who fully deserve the respite that they are entitled to - and what better than to take that time out in well-designed, relaxing surroundings.

We’ve assisted schools' with interior design by providing staff with spaces that enable them to work in an area without any interruptions or distractions and unwind during their breaks, and would like to share how we achieve this and the benefits that these implementations bring:


1.      Improves motivation and happiness


There are many factors affecting a teacher’s well-being; one of which is the conditions that a teacher works within. We all feel more motivated, calmer, and happier when we’re working within beautifully designed surroundings.


2.      Easier to communicate with others


By planning your usable space within a staff room, it is a lot easier to adhere to a set budget and ensure teachers can sit together in different areas and communicate with each other.


3.      Allows for the creation of zones


It’s always beneficial to have different zones within a staff room.


-         By creating a working zone, teachers can catch up on any work they may need to complete as part of their break.

-         Soft seating and coffee table zones provide an area for teachers to relax within and maybe catch up on a good book.

-         Dining tables ensure that staff are seated comfortably when eating and help to keep the room clean and tidy.

4.      Can provide an area for meetings


Staff rooms may be a good use of space for meetings to be carried out. The use of ICT/projector screens within a staff room could also be a great benefit to teachers, with the staff room being the main escape from noisy corridors.


5.      Easy access to the kitchen


A good staff room design will enable teachers to have access to a kitchen which is out of the way of all throughfares/seating areas and provides the standard access space for people to move freely, in and around the kitchen.


6.      Offers fit for purpose seating


Well-designed floor plans incorporate both hard and soft seating, providing the end-user with seating to suit different activities.


7.      The importance of colour and finishes


The colours and finishes used within a staff room design have a massive impact on the people using the room. For example, light wall colours help to reflect natural daylight and enhance energy levels. Bright/neutral/warm fabrics can be inviting and mood lifting.


8.      Deals with any troublesome obstructions/intrusions


By designing and planning the staff room, any troublesome obstructions/intrusions within the room (columns/radiators/window sills etc.) can be worked around, making the most use of space available.


9.      Can utilise existing furniture


Any existing furniture can also be included in the design process, potentially saving on cost.


10.  Keeps things tidy


Staff rooms should always provide an area for staff to keep their belongings safe and out of the way when working, such as valuables, outerwear, and bags. 


More information on our furniture and design service can be found by visiting our page where you can also get in touch with the team.

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