Meet the Buyer - Lucy Simpson
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Meet the Buyer - Lucy Simpson

26 October 2018 By Lucy Simpson, Category Buyer - Corporate Services

Lucy Simpson

Lucy joined the corporate services team in June and is passionate about public sector procurement and helping tackle the challenges our customers face.

Name: Lucy Simpson

Position: Corporate Services Category Buyer

How long have you been working for YPO? I joined YPO in June 2018

What do you like the most about YPO?
I love the innovation and creativity, not just in procurement but in the wider business. YPO is a great organisation that works on a national level, aiming to cover everything that a customer needs in the public sector. There is lots of variety with working at YPO, every day is different and can be challenging but rewarding. It’s a highly motivating organisation, reacting to market changes and ensuring the customer needs are met. Engagement is key at YPO, and it’s great to be part of a team that works with both customers and suppliers.  

What are your main responsibilities? 
I currently work in the corporate services team, so predominantly looking after temporary and permanent recruitment frameworks such as LGRP and HR. My main responsibilities are to manage customer needs by sharing the capabilities of the frameworks and offering support where needed, along with making sure that a compliant framework is in place that allows the customer to access all necessary information to support their journey. I also keep up to date with changes in the market and holding strong relationships with the supply base. Continuous market research is needed along with customer engagement to ensure that we are capturing all services that are needed across the different public sector organisations. 

What is the most challenging part of your job? 
Within the frameworks I currently manage, the most challenging part is understanding how the different markets are changing and ensuring that our frameworks meet everyone’s needs. 

Describe your role in three words
Innovative, rewarding, challenging 

How did you get involved in procurement?
I always say procurement found me 17 years ago when I started my working career. I have continued in procurement but in different roles over the years and have covered both private and public sector. I have developed a vast knowledge of different types of procurement and bought many different products and services!

Tell us a bit about your procurement experience
I have worked in procurement nearly all my working career. I started out at a manufacturing company 17 years ago as a purchasing clerk ordering machine parts for the factory! I quickly moved into overseas procurement, buying finished products such as greeting cards and gift bags which meant visits to China to meet with suppliers. After 10 years of working in that organisation I then moved into NHS procurement where I built my knowledge of public sector procurement. I soon realised that this was something I really enjoyed – the compliance, process and knowing that I was helping to save public money. This has given me the broad procurement knowledge and expertise needed to support my current role.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
My main hobbies are dancing which I’ve done for over 30 years. I now have two daughters who also dance with me, and we attend weekly classes and perform in annual shows. I also love holidays, mainly seeing different European cities but also spending time with my daughters on family holidays. I also love textiles so I’m often found sat at my sewing machine at home or crocheting a scarf!
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Elizabeth (Plymouth University) on 09 November 2018

I am looking at the Marketing Department and looking at tendering route. I have looked at Frameworks but there are not many that cover all the areas we would like in a one stop shop. I am thinking of putting together a DPS and wondered if you had any information where they have been used in the marketing and advertising arena before?

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