Let's make Halloween together
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Let's make Halloween together

21 October 2021 By The YPO Team

Pumpkin craft for kids

We’re helping you plan your festivities for the rest of the year with unique Halloween crafts for kids that are easy to follow but fun to make together! Each Halloween activity uses only a handful of products, making them both affordable and simple to recreate.

Let’s make a Bat

This paper plate bat idea rocks – literally!


  1. Fold one of your black plates in half and cut the other in half
  2. Take the plate you’ve cut in half and create wings by cutting out semi circles along the straight edges
  3. Stick googly eyes to the folded plate and use some of the material you have cut off from the other plate to create and stick a mouth and some fangs
  4. Use another piece of cut off material to secure the folded plate and to stop this from opening fully
  5. Cut 1cm either side on the folded lines of the bat’s face and stick the wings so that they stick out above the head

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Let’s make a Pumpkin

Children will love bringing this paper plate pumpkin to life.


  1. Cut out two slots (for eyes and a mouth) from one of the painted orange plates, as well as the top and bottom to create a pumpkin effect
  2. Cut off the patterned edges from another orange plate to make a smaller circle
  3. Put the smaller plate behind the bigger plate ensuring the colour of the small plate is visible through the slots and fasten together using paper fastener in the middle
  4. Pencil in eyes and mouth to create two different faces, make sure you turn the faces regularly to check they are in the right place, and colour in with black pen
  5. Finally, cut out a stalk from green paper and a triangle for a nose out of black paper and glue the stalk to the back of the plate and the nose to the paper fastener

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Let’s make a Ghost

This versatile craft idea can be used with different characters and themes.


  1. Draw and cut out a ghost from white card
  2. Paint a lolly stick black, then glue your ghost to the top of a lolly stick
  3. Decorate the top of a black paper plate with stars
  4. Cut out an approx. 10cm slit towards the bottom of the plate and put the lolly stick through this from front to back

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Join in the fun and share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #YPOcreateandmake on your post or story.

Looking for more Halloween inspiration? Click here to head over to our dedicated Halloween page for themed-products, craft kits and more.

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