How to achieve the right dining furniture solution for your school
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How to achieve the right dining furniture solution

10 May 2022 By Spaceright

dining furniture solutions

Buying dining furniture for your school is an investment, so it is important that you achieve a solution that best meets your needs.

School canteens are, in the main, multiuse spaces that tend to be central to a variety of activities such as assemblies, PE lessons and school fayres. So, when looking to furnish this key area of the school, flexibility and versatility are essential. 

During lunchtime, the canteen will experience a high volume of traffic and will need to accommodate a large number of children, in a short space of time, so it is vital that the dining furniture in situ is robust, sturdy, durable and long-lasting.  

With all of this in mind, we’ve put together a handy dining furniture buying guide.  

What to consider before buying 

Before buying dining furniture, it is important to consider the following key factors:  

• Age range of the children

• Maximum number of children to be seated at any one time

• Space restrictions and movement of traffic around the dining hall (Entrances, exits, queue lines etc.)

• Storage requirements (Will the tables be left in situ? Do they need to be stored in between use? If so, what storage is available?)

school lunchtime

Types of dining furniture solutions 

School dining furniture has evolved over the years and there is more choice than ever before! There are a variety of dining solutions to cater for varying age, seating, and space requirements. See our handy diagram below for the different types of dining furniture options in the Spaceright range available for schools.

dining furniture types

Choosing a solution that is right for you

Free site surveys and space planning services are hugely beneficial in helping with your purchase.  Not only does it provide confidence that the furniture will fit the space, but it also allows you to consider the flow of the area and get a feel for how the dining furniture will look in situ.

dining furniture design 

Colour me happy 

Once you’ve considered the type of furniture that best meets your needs, it’s time to focus on the finishing touches! Long gone are the days of limited choice and basic colour options. Our range of dining furniture is available in a vast array of colours to coordinate with a chosen theme, or why not accentuate your school colours by choosing matching tabletops and/or stools. 


Once your new furniture solution is in situ, it is important that it is well cared for and maintained.  Depending on the furniture you choose, it might be prudent to arrange an annual service to keep it in good working order. We offer advice on this and regular care for your furniture.

children eating lunch at school

Top Tips 

Carefully consider your space and how it will be used – a flexible solution is key

Do make use of free site surveys and space planning services  

Look for high-quality and durable solutions 

Check the warranty period 


Explore the Spaceright dining furniture range at YPO here and find the ideal dining furniture solution for your school. We stock a range of folding tables, bench units, cube tables and more, with options to suit any space.

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